Wouldn’t it be infuriating to discover that the bag you were so proud of is a dud? Indeed, but what can you do to separate out the counterfeits from the original deal? Luckily, the fraudulent manufacturers cannot facsimile everything — the products may look visually identical but there are tons of things that give away the fakes. So, the designer handbag authentication only calls for some attention to detail, allowing the user to easily discern the differences between a real product and a mockup. The following are some tips and tricks for the authentication, so let’s get started.

Tried And Tested Methods For Designer Handbag Authentication

1) Pay Attention to Details

High-end brands such as LV and Gucci run a thorough and unhurried inspection of their manufactured products for identifying imperfections and flaws. No defective piece leaves the factory and that is how they maintain the unprecedented quality.

No matter how skillfully fake designer handbags are made, it is impossible to achieve the same perfection. In other words, these products must have inconsistent flaws that give them away.

Look for undone stitches, loosen threads, and visual manufacturing defects. And don’t forget to pay attention to detail — the formation of stitches, the alignment of straps, and the presence of extra threads. All of these aforesaid details hold paramount importance in the designer handbag authentication process.

2) Check The Zippers, Buttons, And Clasps

All it takes is a single glance to differentiate fake locks, plates, zipper pulls, buttons, and clasps. That is because they are the hardest to visually replicate, given the fact that their appearance is the embodiment of the material’s quality. Not to forget, the brand’s logo and the name is usually engraved on the metal plates in a particular orientation. Even a slight difference would mean that the products are not authentic.

For example, a real Gucci bag has the letters “GG” or the name itself inscribed in gold metal plates. Also, original Hermes products come with a ‘Hermes Paris made in France’ carving on the rear side of the flap.

3) Look at the Material Closely

 designer handbag authentication-look closely

It is both; the easiest and the most difficult to replicate. But how is that? Visually the designer handbag authentication of the material is quite challenging. But once you have touched and sniffed the material, the game is over not to mention, only the original used designer bags retain their shape, signature odor, and the material feels when it is rubbed against your skin.

Eminent industry giants are heedful when it comes to the quality of the material. For example, you will never see rough leather used for Louis Vuitton authentic designer bags. And the material is probably the best to differentiate in the Louis Vuitton authenticity check procedure. Remember the material should not be sticky, oily, and rough. It may lose shape and become flexible over time, but you can still observe the original geometry.

4) Gucci Bag Fake Vs Real — The Prime Identifier

Even if we put aside all the identifiers, the serial number alone can tell which product is fake. This number on GG bags is most often present on the inside, sewn on a leather patch. It’s a rectangular or a square piece with numbers on it.

The details of how these numbers are written vary, depending on the model, and that is why fraudulent manufacturers make mistakes getting it right. For the 90s bag, upper case letters were used, with no trademark symbol. However, the latest craftsmanship is different.

5) Don’t Forget the Brand Names

One of the most obvious designers handbag authentication elements is the brand’s name. Each manufacturer follows a strict set of rules for typography and color palette to showcase their names on leather, embellishments, and metal plates.

Don’t Forget the Brand Names-designers handbag authentication

Replicas, on the other hand, often have the name written in smudgy letters, different fonts, absurd typography, and dissimilar shades. Surprisingly, you can even point out misspellings in fake items.

6) Watch Out From A Huge Difference In Price

Being a status symbol, designer handbags cost a fortune. You will be stunned to find out that Hermes Birkin bag ranges between a whopping $9000 to $400,000. Even the pre-owned designer handbags are sold at an exorbitant price, so you can’t expect to get your hands on a Hermes bag in just a few hundred bucks. If you come across one, then it is surely a fake item.

Unrealistic price tags are immediate giveaways when it comes to designer handbag authentication. So, run away from a vendor that puts up prices that are too low to be true.

7) Consider the Shape of the bag

If you are familiar with Gucci, then you already know how much effort the brand puts in maintaining unique shapes of different handbags. GG’s Boston collection features a sturdy barrel shape. Pelham’s woven leather hangs beautifully low. Bamboo top handles have distinct geometric characteristics. Hysteria collection comes with an out-of-the-ordinary appearance. The common factor between all these models is that they retain their shape and withstands the test of time. Even the most high-quality designer replica handbags fail to retain the shape along with a gorgeous appearance.

8) Designer Handbag Authentication Services

It is important to note that there will always be a chance of getting deceived by a fake product that has been crafted so skillful. For successful designer handbag authentication, leave the matter to the experts. Several luxury handbag authentication services claim to provide a determination within a day. Is it amazing to finally unveil the secret that has been making you uneasy in just 24 hours?

But how does it work?
All you have to provide are a couple of clear images of your bag, from all angles and the online evaluation will proceed. Or you can visit the designer handbag authentication company’s nearest office in person, and get the evaluation done in your presence.

If you have mistakenly bought a counterfeit handbag, you are probably wondering “Is there any purse authentication near me?” Choose a noteworthy designer handbag authentication service provider that can not only authenticate the product accurately but also provide a detailed report of the imperfections.

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