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TOM FORD T Clasp Small Leather Shoulder Bag Beige
Tom Ford T Clasp Small Leather Shoulder Bag Item Details: Designer: TOM FORD Model: T Clasp Small Retail:...
TOM FORD East/West Graphic T Perforated Leather Tote Bag Black
Tom Ford East/West Graphic T Perforated Leather Tote Bag Black Item Details: Designer: TOM FORD Series: East/West Graphic T...
Tom Ford
Tom Ford
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Tom Ford Bags

When Tom Ford isn’t busy directing Academy Award nominated films, he’s in his studio hard at work on his newest collection. Since its inception in 2005, Tom Ford has become a tasteful, popular, and stylish brand. It explores high fashion and gender-inclusivity within bold statement pieces and designs. Out of an extensive collection, Tom Ford bags are the incredible showstoppers everyone needs more of in their lives. Designer bags add a special flair to any outfit and their quality adds longevity that saves you money overtime. They may just be a home for your belongings, but their look, feel, and style add more substance to your routine. Before purchasing your newest Tom Ford bag, consider the popular pieces we have curated for you!

Tom Ford Jennifer Bag:

Speculation has it that these Tom Ford bags were named after Ford’s life-long friend and FRIEND’s star Jennifer Anniston. There are of course many other reasons why Jennifer has been seen wearing her namesake purse so often.

• The Tom Ford Jennifer Bag is a shoulder flap bag with gold tone hardware.
• Colors include neutral and daily wear black and cream options which is perhaps why these in particular are usually sold out.
• The grained leather material of the bag is shiny, durable and does not scratch easily. This of course makes it ideal for daily wear and tear.
• Sizing includes large, medium, and mini options, depending entirely on the number of items you want to fit.
• This bag can be carried by hand or on your shoulders depending on how many things you usually carry in your hands.
• The soft cotton lining of this Tom Ford bag’s interior also keeps your items perfectly safe and scratch free.

tom Ford Shoulder Bag:

Shoulder Bags are unique, in that they look stylish when you hold them and when you choose to carry them. Tom Ford shoulder bags come in an array of shapes, sizes, qualities, and colors. Today, we make a case for why they all are a must-have!

• Their proximity while wearing their internalized zip pockets keep these bags safe from pickpockets.
• The Tom Ford Bag in Tara is our favorite, with a magnetic T-bar closure, metal stands and calf leather. The medium Tara is ideal for workaholics and light travelers alike.
• For a more cross body bag look, invest in the small Tara, small T, or logo-plaque versions. The front logo clasp on each of these makes it stand out amongst the neutral palettes.
• If you are feeling extra edgy, consider the non-conforming shape of the Tom Ford Alix Leather Padlock & Zip Shoulder Bag. This bag has the capacity to fit all your belongings (and more), while also causing heads to turn as you walk around town.

Tom Ford Python Bag:

Pythons may look menacing in person, but we cannot deny how great they look on these Tom Ford bags. This genuine snake leather product is mesmerizing, practical, and unrepeatable.

• The python texture surpasses expectations by staying true to the realistic, organic ridges on that of its predecessor.
• The adjustments of colors lend the bag its durability, sheen, and luxurious taste. The gold skin and tone of the Natalia Tom Ford bag is a red-carpet level accessory like no other.
• Funkier colors like that in Tom Ford T Clasp Python Shoulder Bag range bring on more of a youthful vibe. In purple, this Tom Ford python bag looks regal and young with its complementing golden hardware.
• Soft fabric of the interior lends the lining comfortable for personal belongings.
• Golden metallic straps also mimic the reptilian skin of pythons, lending this bag a genuine masterpiece through and through.

Tom Ford Leather Bag:

Leather has successfully become a signature of Tom Ford bags, which is perhaps why they deserve a feature-place of their own. Before your purchase consider the pros and cons in what kind of leather you are investing in.

• Calf leather remains a popular choice for its durability and lightweight. These bags are tensile and won’t lose their grip over time, furthermore they won’t weigh much on their own either. Bags like the Jennifer, offer grainy, resilient textures that are ideal for every-day commuters and businesswomen.
• Tom Ford bags in Goatskin contain lanolin that allow them to remain soft and supple overtime. Thinner than cowhide, this type of leather is even more lightweight. Eventually, this remains perhaps the most durable because of its water-resistant nature.
• Sheepskin leather, on the other hand, are softer and smoother to the touch. These bags will not likely cause irritation or friction when exposed to skin on your shoulders. Tom Ford leather bags like the Twist use this smooth, scratch-less texture to their advantage by offering an eyewear pocket.
• Cracked leather options like the metallic Tom Ford bag are funkier options for younger audiences too. The tactility of 100% leather is enhanced in its silver coloring options.

Tom Ford Tote Bag:

Tote bags will never be out of fashion. Combine this with the creativity of Tom Ford bags and you have a work of art.

• The first timeless piece to consider would be the Tom Ford Large Grained Leather T Tote Bag in soft Saffiano leather. These contain a subtle handle drop and magnetic closures that enable ergonomic movements while multitasking.
• Tara tote bags are perhaps the likeliest candidates to hold their structure overtime. These are ideal for women who never carry light and must fit every belonging they own into one purse.
• A spunky rendition on the tote is the suede T twist tote, which has completely won our hearts. This Tom Ford Tote bag is spacious, compartmentalized, and boasts a unique shape at every angle.
• For those looking for simple, durable, and spacious totes for shopping, consider the logo-print Tote bag. This bag is so generous when it comes to space, that you will hardly feel the need to carry much else. In conclusion, Tom Ford bags are the luxury item you need to remind yourself to feel special. Consider our cheaper, used handbags at Dallas Designer Handbags, so that there’s nothing stopping you from purchasing your first Tom Ford bag.

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