What is an Influencer (affiliate) program?

An affiliate program is a marketing program that allows you (the affiliate) to receive a commission for promoting a merchant’s products.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn money through your blog/social media.

Once you become familiar with the world of affiliate marketing, you probably realize that over the years you had been promoting products without earning a cent. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with that, however, if you can promote your favorite products and earn money in the process, then why not, right?

If you’re interested in earning affiliate income, we can get you started here!

How it works

Earn 5% of total sales, each time a visitor on your end, purchases from our website.

Payments are made ONCE A MONTH

Early Access

We would provide you with a dashboard, where you have access to unique referral links and can

Allows you to keep tracking on sales and commissions


To contact us, regarding financial or technical issues, our team will get back to you with a solution. Simply send us an email at “ sales@dallasdesignerhandbags.com “

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