How to Recognize an Original Louis Vuitton Bag

Fighting Counterfeit LV bags! 

Louis Vuitton handbags are a classic luxury. Albeit the rise of cheap knock-offs is ruining the essence of luxury shopping for many. Of course, no one wants to purchase a high-end luxury bag only to find out they’ve been cheated and it's really in fact a knock-off. Moreover, the rise of the internet gives more and more people the platform to exhibit such dishonest behavior. To save you from fraud and heartbreak, we did our homework on how to identify an original Louis Vuitton bag, so you can make a run for it if and when you come across any of the following red flags! 

The original Louis Vuitton bag is of the best, most top-notch quality. The authentic Louis Vuitton bags are the work of exquisite craftsmanship, made of expensive and original leather, lambskin or camel skin. Their texture and fabric feels velvety smooth on the fingers, and looks alluringly enchanting to the naked eye. The cheap knock-off, on the other hand, is made of ingenuine material resulting in a rough, coarse and stiff surface.

The original Louis Vuitton bag has an authentic stamp. Consistent among all the original lv bags is a stamping on the inside, which can easily lead to determine whether the bag is a fake or not. The “Louis Vuitton Paris” stamps font, spacing and quality should be observed closely for the following: 

  • The tail of the “L” is short. 
  • The “O’s” are round rather than oval and look bigger than the “L” 
  • The “T’s” are so close to each other that they are almost touching. 
  • The lettering is crisp and thin 

If the stamp is inconsistent with any of the aforementioned points, it’s definitely a red flag for a fake. 

The original Louis Vuitton bag has crisp hardware. Counterfeiters must hate this one as the original Louis Vuitton bag vs fake have the most polished, refined and crisp hardware quality. The imprinting and lettering on the hardware is also really clean and clear, so if the quality of the one you’re about to purchase looks a bit flaky, RUN! 

The original Louis Vuitton bag has a date code tag imprinted inside. The date codes are either placed on the side of a seam or on a piece of leather inside the bag. The date codes are the perfect way to check for an original Louis Vuitton bag as this is where most counterfeiters mess up. LV uses a combination of letters and numbers to determine the exact date the bag was manufactured. For instance, if the date code on the counterfeit bag says: LO1970, it means that the bag was made in Spain. But, if the stamp on the bag says ‘Made in France’, it's definitely not an original Louis Vuitton bag!   

Hopefully this guide is a great way for you to determine whether the LV you’re about to purchase is authentic or not. Happy shopping, sister! 

  • Jul 28, 2020
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