Item Details: Elevate your style with the GIVENCHY Antigona Small Leather Satchel Shoulder Bag in rich brown, blending...
Item Details: This GIVENCHY Antigona Small Leather Shoulder Bag in timeless beige showcases enduring elegance. Despite gentle signs...
Item Details: Designer: GIVENCHY  Retail: N/A Model: Mini Cut Out  Style: Shoulder Bag Color: Pink  Material: Leather  Made: Italy Code: GA-F-1201 Size: W...
GIVENCHY Soft Medium Antigona Smooth Leather Crossbody Bag Light Pink
Item Details: Designer: GIVENCHY  Retail: N/A Model: Antigona Medium  Style: Satchel / Crossbody Bag Color: Light Pink Material: Smooth Leather...
GIVENCHY Bambi Print Medium Textured Coated Canvas Cosmetic Pouch Black
Item Details: Designer: GIVENCHY  Retail: N/A Model: Bambi Print Style: Cosmetic Pouch Color: Black Material: Leather  Made: Romania Code: EX/1114 Size: L...
GIVENCHY GV3 Small Python Leather Shoulder Bag Multicolor
Item Details: Designer: GIVENCHY  Retail: N/A Model: GV3 Small Style: Shoulder Bag Color: Multicolor Material: Python Leather Made: Italy Size:...
Item Details: Designer: Givenchy Retail: N/A Model: x Chito Small 4G Graffiti Style: Shoulder Bag Color: Steel Blue Material:...
GIVENCHY LOVE Leather Zip Clutch bag Black
Item Details: Designer: GIVENCHY  Retail: $1,890 Model: LOVE  Style: Clutch  Color: Red Material: Leather  Made: Romania Size: W 13.5" D...
GIVENCHY Infinity Mini Leather Saddle Crossbody Bag Red
Givenchy Infinity Mini Leather Saddle Crossbody Bag Item Details: Designer: GIVENCHY  Retail: $1,890 Model: Infinity Mini  Style: Crossbody Bag Color: Red...
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Givenchy, an icon!

Givenchy is one luxurious French brand that has smashed all the boundaries for fashion and in-style various ranges of luxury goods including its world-wide famous Haute Couture, perfumes, accessories, incredible leather goods that is inclusive of wallets, purses, bags, watches and ready-to-wear collection. All of these exciting ranges exclusively both for men and women.

Being popular among the ladies and girls of all ages due to its phenomenal ranges of makeup, skin care and cosmetics, the brand has won the title of being the only luxurious and sensuous brand for almost every category for women and men. You heard it right, it’s your one stop for almost everything that you’ve been looking for! And also, it promises the authenticity, durability, quality and above everything, fabulous looks. The price for some great Givenchy handbags to add up in your closet so you could pair it with some cool mom jeans or a short dress to your date night, is relatively high but worth it all. Any woman with a fashion sense and an obsession with being in-style has without a doubt at least one Givenchy purse lying in her closet. The brand has huge following even in the Hollywood. From a dress for no one other than Audrey Hepburn to making it to the British Royal Wedding, no brand other than the one we’re talking about could have made this far. With the brand comes a high-end quality, whether it’s Givenchy handbags, Givenchy leather wallets, watches, perfumes or even its makeup and beauty range. You are just never going to be disappointed. Style yourself with iconic pieces of fashion accessories and become the center of attention in no time at all, wherever you may go. If you’re the kind of person who lives in-style, walks with the all the latest collections on and loves to be an icon when it comes to fashion accessories, then you’ve landed on just the right brand. You can now get your hands on their sensuous perfumes, beauty range and even the cosmetics. A Givenchy purse not only offers you the promising quality and looks but it also pays off its worth by giving you an option to even resale it at an amazing price. So, it’s a win-win. You can now replace your used Givenchy bags with the new ones at no other platform than Dallasdesignerhandbags. This gets even better, the price you see is the price you pay. One stop for your Givenchy handbags. We wouldn’t blame you for not being able to hold the excitement!

In-Fashion with Givenchy

The brand has contributed a lot in the fashion industry since a very long time now and has won a million hearts in terms of aesthetics being the prime example of an iconic, luxurious French brand for both women and men. It offers authentic leather products. Givenchy leather is completely waterproof and can be worn without worrying about the water damage of the product being durable and yet reliable. You can rely on Givenchy leather for all your leather products, since it’s the brand even trusted by Hollywood stars. The label is even loved by the hip-hop world. All more reasons to put your trust in the brand and its statement pieces. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands laid on the most amazing Givenchy handbags that our website has to offer. A wide range of Givenchy handbags are available to stock on. They look great on everyone and are perfect at any time of the day. Take a look and get in-fashion now!

Why Givenchy?

Stand out from the crowd, with a brand no other than Givenchy. The label is worn by the most loved celebrities including Megan Markle, Usher and Audrey Hepburn. From Haute Couture to fragrances, from Givenchy handbags to wallets, from watches to beauty range, it really pushes up both men and women to be comfortable in who they are and to feel confident while they wear the iconic pieces that are a part of it. Everything aside, Givenchy leather goods can’t be forgotten when we’re talking about luxurious and statement fashion pieces. The brand offers durability, high-end quality, great craftsmanship and resale value yet providing with no borders of attractiveness. You can wear sensuous fragrances to a night out, may be a dinner with your fiancé or your boyfriend and even to a beach summer fun day. It all depends on you about how you style your great personality with a brand just so great!

Quality, in every design!

Whether it’s a Givenchy shoulder bag, a Givenchy crossbody bag, a Hobo bag, the brand promises incredible quality while keeping you in fashion and style. The choice of a Givenchy crossbody bag is great for a weekend get away with friends to escape the dull and boring routine of life. Have some fun with your glamorous yet sophisticated outfits with just so sophisticated and perfect Givenchy handbags. With the quality in every unique design, a Givenchy purse also ends you up with a great resale value. With Dallasdesignerhandbags , you now have the option to get a new Givenchy purse and even sell your used Givenchy bags at a handsome and desirable price. With our platform, you now get the opportunity of a great shopping and selling experience. You can now not only get yourself tons of new bags from a wide variety of bags available across our website but also can get rid of the old bags that you’re tired of using. Make cash every time you sell. Cash that may help you buy another Givenchy purse that might have come from their newest, hottest and most fashionable collection.

Dallas Designer Handbags & Givenchy

At Dallasdesignerhandbags, you can find great Givenchy handbags to buy and even to sell. With an ease of just a click, get rid of the old bags lying idle in your wardrobe, and get some hold on brand new Givenchy handbags. Dallas designer handbags enables you to sell your used Givenchy bags and pay you with an incredible amount of money depending on your bag's condition. Dallasdesignerhandbags has over 20 years of experience selling Givenchy purse. You can also now purchase accessories from the brand we’ve been talking about all along, every day of the week at any time at To ensure your satisfaction and make your interaction a delightful one, we provide you with the best Givenchy accessories, such as wallets and purses. They’re designed for both, men and women. You can now sell your Givenchy purse online and earn cash with Dallas designer handbags. Walk in with your used Givenchy bags to our website and walk out with your cash. Everything handled within 3-5 working days. We care for you and your precious time and therefore give the best in the market and in just the right of time. Be the one to make the most out of it, shop now!

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