Chanel Boy

Item Details: Designer: YVES SAINT LAURENT Retail: N/A Model: Lou Boy Style: Crossbody Bag Material: Leather Color: Black Made: Italy Measurements: W...
Item Details: Designer: CHANEL Series: Coco Boy Small Retail: N/A Style: Camera Case Shoulder Bag Color: Black Material: Quilted Lambskin Leather ...
Item Details: Designer: CHANEL Retail: N/A Style: Wallet Material: Lambskin Leather Color: Pink Code: 21604588 Made: Italy Made Year: 2015 -...
Item Details: Designer: CHANEL  Model: Boy Zip Retail: N/A Style: Wallet Material: Caviar Quilted Leather Color: Yellow Code: 26863096...
Item Details: Designer: CHANEL Retail: N/A Model: Le Boy Small Style: Shoulder Bag Color: Red Material: Lambskin Leather Code: 23225046...
CHANEL Medium Boy Flap Caviar Leather Shoulder Bag Black - 20% OFF
Chanel Medium Boy Flap Caviar Leather Shoulder Bag Item Details: Designer: CHANEL Retail: N/A Model: Medium Boy  Style: Shoulder Bag Color:...
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Chanel Boy

Chanel bags are well known for their high-quality product lines. Their polished chain and bold brand symbol on every bag collection, makes them unique in style & look. Chanel’s bold design and high-end leather makes them both accessible and functional for everyday use. ... Chanel bags are known for their uniqueness, decent colors, their popular brand power, and multiple fashion stores. With an adjustable high-end leather strap. The Boy Bag is the ultimate downtown style for uptown girls. At Dallas Designer handbags, we have huge selections of pre-owned Chanel Boy luxury bags.

Although the Chanel Boy Bag is a newcomer in the market place as compared to the Classic Flap, it has become so popular that many find it difficult or hard to make a choice between the two branded bags. In 1929, the first bag that Coco Chanel designed was a hand-carried bag, just like all other handbags that were available to upper-class women during that era. Later in 1995, Chanel changed handbag history with the launch of Chanel 2.55.

It was modified for practical reasons, as people were facing multiple issues like one of the customers said "I got fed up by holding my purse in my hands, so I added a leather strap and carried it over my shoulder.” It was none other than the famous “Karl Lagerfeld” who reintroduced the concept & design in the 80’s and created the Classic Flap bag.

Karl Lagerfeld was also the one who introduced the Chanel Boy Bag as a tribute to Coco Chanel. Coco Chanel was often inspired by menswear accessories. Karl paid a tribute to the men in her life with the birth of the Chanel Le Boy bag. At the time, the two famous bags were the classic Flap and the Chanel Boy. The main difference between the two major luxury bags is that the Boy Chanel handbag is more bulky and modern than its Classic Flap. The Chanel Boy bag has a very chunky and square design & shape compared with the Flap bag.

The Chanel Boy is more structured and bulky with straight design, having angular corners. Its streamlined decent look makes it a more modern version of Chanel’s Flap bag and the chunkiness adds to casual feel of the design. Above all Chanel bags, the Boy version is the most popular one! However the chain of the Boy bag is broader, darker, and more unique looking hardware compared to the more sophisticated chain of the Classic Flap, which is interwoven with high-end leather. Next to this, the Chanel Le Boy bag is lined with cloth rather than quality leather and features.

The Boy collection comes in three different sizes. In the smallest size, purses are available, while in the large sizes, we have totes. The bags are available in just 5 classical shades, such as red, black, grey, green, and ivory. Many different variations of the Chanel Boy have been introduced featuring new color combinations, and exotic materials.

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