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For all those Louis Vuitton lovers, you always have questions and concerns on how to store it and how to treat it over time. Below are a few tips and tricks 

  • Always store your bags in a dust bag or even in a pillow case. NEVER in a plastic bag
  • To prevent from losing its shape, add towels or blankets

Many may not know this, but if you don't air out your handbag, especially LV. Even if you don't use it, you should let it air out AT LEAST every 6 months. Sometimes this prevents cracking to leather.

  • Alcoholic-free and scent-free baby wipe can be used for cleaning canvas, vachetta, and also if you have a stain or mark. If you happen to have a stain or a mark on your vachetta, don't panic! Keep in mind, DAB. DO NOT RUB (Rubbing will cause the stain to spread)
You can also use the wipe to even out the color of the vachetta. (Vachetta leather is premium cowhide leather that has a buttery soft appearance that can feel really good when brushed against your skin. It is an untreated and unprotected leather; This is why it tends to darken over time. This is why the water stains happen so easily) Eventually as you are cleaning it, you will notice it getting darker and you will probably start to feel a little hesitant about it. It is normal, as it starts to dry up, it would start to lighten up as well. 
  • If your handles are already darkened, you can condition with Apple leather conditioner,  it prevents from darkening and cracks
  • If the bag is made out of vachetta leather, try to prevent from carrying it on your hands. Instead, carry it on your shoulder or crock of you arm. This way the oils from your hands won't transfer to the handles and cause it to darken

Removing old water mark stains can easily be used with a  PENCIL ERASER. YES! A pencil eraser works, it will either lighten the watermark or remove it

    • Laura Morales
    Fashion Express

    Fashion Express 0

    Louis Vuitton Brittany handbag is such a feminine and sophisticated statement bag! As we all know, all the Louis Vuitton handbags have a history background on behalf of their name. The name Brittany is inspired by cultural region in the northwest of France. Before it was united with France, this region was an independent kingdom. Brittany has also been known to as ‘Little Britain’, as opposed to the Great Britain as it is bordered by the English Channel to the north.

    The Brittany handbag is crafted with combination of the Damier Ebene and Cuir Taurillon leather. Of course the leather sits on the sides while the canvas is towards the front; Ever noticed the shape of the bag? The way its curved towards the sides? Due to the curviness, it makes those flexible and it allows you to stuff your bag while it YET still looking small!

    Taking a look at the interior, you notice the top zipper opens to a black partitioned microfiber interior with a central zipper pocket and patch pockets for enough room for all of your necessities with the luxury and style of Louis Vuitton!

    • Laura Morales

    Speedy's 0

    As everyone's first official Louis Vuitton bag, the Speedy is one of the most COMMON and STARTERS handbags! So if you have yet to have in your collection, you should start looking into adding this iconic handbag.

    Don't like the monogram? Fear not, there are many more other prints that you can use. From Empreinte, to Damier Ebene, Damier Azur, and even Epi Leather. Lets not forget the ones that have logos on them as well!

    Sizes range from petite to XL (25 to 45). Not only is this a top handle bag, but Louis Vuitton also made a strap so you won't have to carry it around with you all the time. Obviously it is sold separately, or in other words, consider getting the speedy bandouliere. Although one thing you do need to be aware of, there is no whatsoever pocket organizers (other then the small pocket where you can keep a few items) But that's why they do sell the insert bag shaper! 

    You can use this handbag for work, date, even day to day. Nevermind others who say its a common bag that everyone has, it can be your favorite regardless! 

    • Laura Morales
    LV EVA

    LV EVA 0

    As many are obsessed with the Louis Vuitton Favorite, it always seems to be out of stock and sold out due its popularity. It was one of the most wanted handbags! Other then that, like mentioned before, since the Favorite seems to be sold out so quickly, most have then settled for the Louis Vuitton Eva. (yes, it is somewhat similar to the Favorite)

    Along with the Eva Clutch, it comes with 2 straps. A long dark brown canvas strap, (depending on what print you decide on, the strap will vary) and a short gold tone chain. This gold chain can be either worn on the shoulder as a small shoulder handbag, or on the wrist. But it can not be detached whatsoever. 

    Moving onto the interior, the inside, (as I mentioned, depending on the print canvas, will vary) BUT, there is no pockets on the inside. You will only have one space to carry all of your belongings. The material is flexible enough to fit your essentials and more. It is very much wide, but no so deep. 

    Due to the functionality and classic looks, you see most women carrying these around.

    • Laura Morales
    Arm Candies

    Arm Candies 0

    LV Pochette Metis:  Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Bag which was launched in 2016 end and became super popular in a short span of time. 

    The functionality of this bag is incredible! Not only does the Metis have a classic handle on the top to make it as a clutch, but you can also carry it with a strap and wear it as a crossbody. Looking at the bag itself may seem as it is small. Yet, its roomy and you'd be surprised how many thing you can actually fit! I can be your go-to and daily bag! Only thing that is a concern, is when it comes to locking your bag. Luckily, the gold "S" lock has a coated plastic or rubber on the part that inserts into the lock so that the hardware prevents from being scratched. (as many fear this problem) Despite the fact that it does have 2 compartments, you can fit a big wallet, makeup essentials, and even your phone! You'd think it'd probably too stuffed right? Well its NOT! Not to mention that it also has a back zipper pocket where you can add a few more things in there as well.

    Therefore, if you have been thinking about getting a Louis Vuitton, this is hand down a favorite! Now, if you don't want to pay retail price for it and wouldn't mind getting a pre-owned one, check out our website for pre-owned designer pieces! 

    LV Metis Hobo:  The LV Metis Hobo has been the most wanted since it was first released in 2012, YET so popular and very hard to get your hands on one. As many know, this is a discontinued model. Look no more, as we have a few in stock!

    Including a simple vachetta top handle, (removable) an adjustable shoulder strap, along with four feet towards the bottom for protection and structureness! The Metis Hobo is a much larger bag then the Pochette Metis, although the Hobo DOES have a useful front pocket, (modeled after the classic Monceau bag) How unique is that? If this style doesn’t suit your fancy, the Metis also comes in Empreinte leather or a smaller version called the Pochette Metis. 

    Inside the Metis Hobo, on one side, there is a large zipper pocket. While on the opposite side, there are two stitched pockets! Imagine how many more every day essentials you can add there! Most compare this handbag to an Artsy MM.

    If the Metis Hobo is a handbag you are interested, you should get your hands on one SOON. You'd be surprised how much these handbags tend to stay once they hit our shelves! 

    • Laura Morales
    Alma Lovers

    Alma Lovers 0

    Louis Vuitton Alma comes in countless colors and sizes.

    Monogram canvas, Damier Ebene, Monogram Vernis, or Epi Leather.

    FUN FACT: Did you know? The Alma was designed at special request for Coco Chanel.

    The Alma is one of Louis Vuittons most iconic handbag.  It closes with the two zippers up top. It does not lose its shape, due to the structureness of the handbag. Not only does it have one zipper, but double. Becoming easier and smoother while opening the bag. Not to mention the wider it gets as you continue to open. 

    When it comes to adding your daily things inside your Alma, you do have various space. Beginning with 2 wide stitched pockets. Making it easier if you were to add your grab-n-go items. Wearing it on the crook of your arm, crossbody (shoulder straps not included) or just casually holding it on your hands. The Alma is way more versatile and perfect for all types of occasions! 

    If you're searching for a classy designer bag which is super versatile, small but fits a lot and is a great investment piece, definitely take a look on the beautiful Louis Vuitton Alma.

    • Laura Morales