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Item Details: Indulge in sophistication with this iconic Chanel Classic Maxi Bag. Crafted in timeless leather, this piece...
Item Details: Elevate your style with the Chanel Classic Flap, an icon of luxury and timeless elegance. Meticulously...
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Chanel Single Flap

When it comes to women's accessories, a nice, stylish handbag is at the top of the priority list. A handbag is a fashion necessity that can make or break your look. The right handbag, like the Chanel single flap bag, can add an extra oomph to a plain outfit and the wrong one can completely ruin a well thought, put together look. A handbag is always visible on the arm or shoulder of a woman reflecting her personal sense of style and it is for these exact reasons that women spend an obscene amount of time and money on finding just the right handbag that's not only fashionable but is also practical making their investment worthwhile, for that we recommend the classic Chanel single flap bag. The luxury designer handbag industry is booming. It brings an annual revenue of millions of dollars targeting the modern women these days who prefer to invest more money in quality, classic and iconic pieces that will last them a lifetime rather than a number of cheap bags. The fashion industry is overrun with luxury brands each trying to make a mark with their own unique designs but no one does bags better than the most influential luxury Parisian brand Chanel. Chanel has been at the forefront of Haute couture ever since it was founded in the early 1900's by an ordinary orphan Gabrielle Chanel who wanted a lot more from her life than what she was given. It was her personal sense of style and business acumen that helped Chanel evolve into the brand that it is today. Chanel has been inspiring luxury brands all over the world with its high quality clothes and handbags. Some pieces, however, that the brand has put out have been so loved by the fashion world that they've attained the iconic status, seen on the arms of the likes of Princess Diana. One such pieces is the Chanel single flap bag. Ever since the introduction of this revolutionary shoulder bag in 1955, it's gone on to become one of the coveted and darling pieces in the industry. Unfortunately, the Chanel single flap is no longer produced by the brand making it a rarity on the resale market. A Chanel bag has become a symbol of high status and chic personal style that's desired by every women with even an inkling of a sense of fashion in her being. It’s the dream of every modern, vogue woman of getting her hands on this bag. Women pay thousands of dollars to achieve this status quo and for good reason. The Chanel flap bag is made with finesse using the most exclusive and high quality materials. Most of the bags come in a quilted leather pattern said to have been inspired by coco chanel's admiration for horse riding fashion. The bags also feature the classic chanel logo with the interlocked c's. This logo immediately catches the eye of any person that looks at your bag and takes your outfit to an altogether new level. The bags also feature an extra stylish chain strap. All these features make it easy for us to understand why this Chanel classic flap bag is loved by every fashionista in the world. They not only come in a number of designs but also a number of sizes, colours and forms thus making sure that there's a design to fulfill the needs of every woman out there.

It’s also imperative for people to understand the different types of Chanel flap bags to ensure that they're buying the design that fits all of their needs. This bag comes in a single flap and double flap design. The double flap design has has a flap on the outside as well as inside. The Chanel single flap bag only has a flap on the exterior while the interior is an open compartment making it roomy enough to store all your things inside. The particular Chanel flap bag also tends to be lighter compared to the Chanel double flap bag. If a Chanel single flap bag, however, is exactly what you want than you don't need to worry cause we at dallas designer handbags make sure to cater to your every need.

The Chanel flap bag also comes in a number of different sizes to fit your frame and lifestyle, the largest one being the Chanel jumbo bag and the smallest being the Chanel mini flap bag with the Chanel medium flap bag just in between these two sizes for people who like to go with moderation.

The Chanel jumbo flap bag is truly a classic and timeless bag. It’s not only beautiful but also very durable. You do find it a little pricier than it’s other counterparts, but the sizing makes it worthwhile. The Chanel bags also tend to go up in value with time making it an ideal purchase if you ever want to resale in the future. The jumbo flap bag is a perfect size for people who tend to carry a lot of things with them. It features an exquisite burgundy interior and comes in both caviar and lambskin. You can also choose between silver and gold hardware to suit your skin tone and your sense of style. The Chanel jumbo flap bag is such an iconic piece that it’ll go with everything whether you’re wearing a simple jeans and a t shirt or something more fancy like a little black dress. This bag is truly an investment.

The Chanel medium flap bag is perfect for people who want a chic everyday bag. It’s incredibly lightweight and comfortable but just big enough to hold all of your essentials. The size is also ideal for petite people who feel that the Chanel jumbo flap bag is a little too big on their frame.

The Chanel mini flap bag is a great purchase for people who’re always on the go and want something super lightweight. It’s very versatile in the sense that it can be worn crossbody or as a shoulder bag and looks good in either style.

Whatever you need, whether it’s a Chanel single flap bag or double flap bag, a Chanel medium flap bag or mini flap bag, you can rest assured that Dallas designer handbags is the place to fulfil all your fashion dreams at an affordable price!

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