As many are obsessed with the Louis Vuitton Favorite, it always seems to be out of stock and sold out due its popularity. It was one of the most wanted handbags! Other then that, like mentioned before, since the Favorite seems to be sold out so quickly, most have then settled for the Louis Vuitton Eva. (yes, it is somewhat similar to the Favorite)

Along with the Eva Clutch, it comes with 2 straps. A long dark brown canvas strap, (depending on what print you decide on, the strap will vary) and a short gold tone chain. This gold chain can be either worn on the shoulder as a small shoulder handbag, or on the wrist. But it can not be detached whatsoever. 

Moving onto the interior, the inside, (as I mentioned, depending on the print canvas, will vary) BUT, there is no pockets on the inside. You will only have one space to carry all of your belongings. The material is flexible enough to fit your essentials and more. It is very much wide, but no so deep. 

Due to the functionality and classic looks, you see most women carrying these around.

  • Aug 20, 2018
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