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Upgrade your wardrobe with some timeless, French Cartier

If you’re on the hunt for classic, elegant and timeless pieces to carry and accessorize with, Cartier accessories are exactly what you’re looking for! Cartier is a reliable name and the association people have with the brand is based on their individualistic designs, having maintained its name, reputation and quality since it began in 1847. It is a highly prestigious and well trusted luxury goods manufacturer.

This French luxury brand has been a symbol of class and taste for over a hundred and fifty years. Cartier designs are loved by both men and women as it not only provides an exclusive range of intricately detailed and carefully crafted accessories such as Cartier jewelry, but also offers Cartier watches, Cartier sunglasses, Cartier scarves and Cartier handbags for women. Cartier designs are truly like no other and it is this element of uniqueness which makes them stand out from the rest. These accessories are desired by celebrities and royalty alike, such as Kate Middleton who sported a Cartier tiara on her wedding day.

One such range from these classy accessories that are highly coveted are the Cartier handbags for women. These elegant handbags are forever stylish and for sure worth the investment, as these distinguished designs never go out of style. The designs range from satchels, totes and more, and that too in many different materials, textures and colors! A cult favorite is the oh- so gorgeous Guirlande de Cartier bag. Made from calfskin leather, its distinctive shape, with beautiful lasting, hardware and the gorgeous, intricate golden motifs on the side of the bag stand out beautifully against the deep red skin of the bag. This handbag is versatile in its design and can be styled in many different ways! If you’re out for brunch with the girls and have your hands full just pull out the bags detachable strap and carry it as a cross body bag or from your shoulder. And if it’s a date night and you’re going for a more poised look you can carry it directly from its handle.

These luxurious handbag are carefully tailored to perfection. Dallas Designer Handbags offers a wide range of authentic Cartier used bags, these are pre-loved but in great condition. We have an exquisite collection ranging from different styles of second hand Cartier bags. The versatility of these bags allows you to style them in many ways, they could make any simple, understated outfit instantly more fashionable. The timelessness of these bags means these will be in your go to collection for quite some time and hence are definitely worth the price point. Simply owning a few staple pieces of Cartier accessories is all you need to complete your staple wardrobe!

In the fashion world Cartier has carved itself a niche of its own, it stands unparalleled and is the epitome of class. Cartier is recognized worldwide by fashion connoisseurs, as it boasts of rare pieces that are handmade, with attention paid to every detail as there is no compromise on the quality of Cartier accessories. Cartier has a story and meaning behind every piece in its collection, for example the classic Trinity ring in the Cartier jewelry collection has three bands tying a knot and forming a ring, each band is made of a three types of gold, representing love, fidelity and friendship.


Aside from handbags, you can pair your outfits with a classic Cartier belt, another timeless classic from Cartier range of accessories. Belts are statement pieces of accessories that play a vital role in tying an outfit together, a classy belt is all you need to make even the simplest outfit stand out. A classic Cartier belt is more versatile than you’d think and can go with just about any outfit! Be it a trendy pair of skinny jeans, a classic pair of boyfriend jeans or snazzy pair of tailored trousers. You can even liven up a dress by adding a belt to accentuate its cuts and give it a more elegant, feminine look!

Cartier has a range of exquisite designs of belts for both men and women, from patent leather to crocodile skin and more, we have an exclusive, carefully curated range of authentic belts. Men too can find classic Cartier belts at heavily discounted prices at Dallas Designer Handbags.


Oh to own a vintage piece! To have a special something in your closet that not everyone can have is a feeling like no other. Something so exclusive, only you and just a few others in the world have the luxury of owning. Often luxury brands decide to discontinue a particular piece from their line of accessories, does that mean you will never be able to get your hands on a piece of your choice? Nope! That’s the beauty or buying preloved, just because it’s no longer in the market does not mean you can’t ever call it yours. If you’re searching for specific models from past seasons that are no longer in stores or the current fashion trends are just not calling your name, preloved is the way to go!

We have an authentic range of vintage pieces from Cartier used bags so don’t ever give up on your dream of owning that vintage handbag you always wanted. Buying preloved not only gives you the chance to own rare, or discontinued pieces, it also means every piece you buy has more of a character, more of a story to tell! And while it is true that luxury accessories are an investment, it does not necessarily mean every piece you invest in will forever retain its value. Cartier however is known for producing fine pieces of accessories whose value only appreciates over time. So you know you’ll always be able to gain back the same amount of investment if not more!

Opting for preloved goods also automatically means doing your environment a favor. To re-use is to recycle, and as we know the fashion industry is one of the biggest industries to produce environmental waste, it is important to be conscious of our surroundings and to ensure that our fashion choices are not harming the world around us.

We go above and beyond to ensure quality control with the carefully selected pieces of luxury Cartier that we have to offer, hence rest assured not only will you be paying for an extremely valuable, gorgeous accessory – you’ll be paying a much lower amount with a great resale value. What more could a fashion lover ask for? Happy Shopping!

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