With the covid-19 virus continuously spreading, shopping in person in malls, markets and shops has now become quite unlikely. On the contrary, various brands' online platforms and websites have been trending a lot as people now prefer contact-free shopping with their purchased items being delivered at their doorstep.

However, many people still feel that buying handbags online might be a scam or that what they purchase might not actually be satisfactory. To bust all these myths about buying handbags online, we have given you all the many reasons why purchasing stuff online is way more convenient, time-saving, and above all, safer.

Buying In Person Is Better Than Buying Online

The most common myth about buying branded bags online is that the item you receive is a scam or not up to the mark. Despite the fact that it might be true in some cases, it's not always this way. When you buy designer bags online, it's always better to source via an authentic website specializing in selling luxury handbags and designer handbags online.

  • The dimensions, colour, material and size of the bag you like are all mentioned in the product description so that you can have a clear idea about the item.
  • Not only this but if there is any damage or problem in your purchase, then most reputable have a customer-friendly exchange and refund policies.
  • These flexible policies have made buying handbags online way more satisfactory as the customer knows that their money won’t get wasted.

Buying handbags in person just allows you to view the item in person, that's it and in some cases, online web stores even offer this facility. If you have any doubt about buying handbags online, some brands allow you to unbox your parcel and see if you like it. In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, these online buying stores do offer a refund or exchange.

You Might End Up Paying For A Replica Designer Bag

There has been a lot of mistrust and lack of satisfaction built in the customer’s mind due to some bad buying handbags online experiences. Just because someone faced a scam doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll go through it as well.

The key is to make sure the site you choose for buying designer handbags, and genuine leather handbags must be well-known. Reading customer reviews and ratings will give a clearer idea about designer handbags online. Then you can easily buy handbags online and real branded designer shopping bags.

Are Pre-owned Designer Handbags Worth Buying?

You can easily find preloved women's bags online through numerous websites; however, you must keep in mind a few essential points before you consider buying a second-hand original leather handbag or any bag for that matter. The most crucial point is the material quality and condition of the pack. Try to understand the pricing of the cheap designer handbag.

Brands like Chanel, Prada, Hermes, or Louis Vuitton will still have a preloved bag that'll cost more than a first-copy as, after all, it's an original bag. Ensure to look at the corners, straps, and zips of the bag, as these areas are usually where most wear and tear occurs.

  • If an original bag has torn or chipped off corners, it won’t give off an impressive look!
  • Before buying a preloved bag, make sure you’re sourcing it from an authentic reseller.
  • It's always better to have a look at the bag in person as pictures can be deceiving when it comes to judging the quality of preloved bags!

All Designer Bags With Logos Are Original

Another common myth that must be busted is that only real branded bags have logos. The experience of buying handbags online has now become quite advanced, which means that bags shopping is not that simple anymore.

What Are The Common Myths About Buying Handbags Online

  • One must be smart enough to differentiate between a first-hand copy and original handbags online when you are looking for women's bags online.
  • Most counterfeiters nowadays don’t care about the copyright claim issue and proceed with using the original logo or brand name.

How Can I Differentiate Between A Replica And An Original Handbag Online?

Here are some tricks that you can use while buying handbags online. They will help you identify a fake bag are by observing the details of the bag.

  • There will be a noticeable difference between the font or lettering of the brand logo. Moreover, the stitching and quality of the material from which the handbag is made will also be different.
  • The date codes on the bag and the signature pattern on the bag might also be a bit different from the original bag. These tips prove to be quite effective in helping you buy handbags online.
  • Another easy tip to look for is where the bag is manufactured. If you know the original manufacturers of the handbags, you can easily identify a replica.

Only Original Handbags Are Expensive

A common misconception that rules the minds of the majority of buyers when it comes to buying handbags online is the price factor. If a bag costs a lot then it’s evident that it is an original one.

  • However, that is not entirely true. Some first-hand replicas cost a lot as well and they have such a great build and stitching that you might mistake them for being original as well.
  • Most women's handbags & purses that are available online can often be shown as original, while in reality, they are the first-hand replica.

Some counterfeiters tend to scam the customers by making their replicas look real by setting their price close to the original bag’s cost. They tend to prey on the customer who is on a hunt for genuine shoulder or tote bags online. They get tricked easily when they see the price looking very believable.

What To Do To Avoid A Scam When Buying Handbags Online?

To avoid getting played, one must act smartly and look for all possible clues. You should ask resellers for concrete proof that shows that the handbag you are buying is real.

  • If you’re someone who strictly buys original versions, then it is best that you approach a well-reputed seller that are the authorized retailers of the brand.
  • Another thing you can do is to source directly from the company for your purchase.

If you are having serious doubts about buying handbags online, then it is best that you see the bag in person before buying handbags online.

Purchasing Designer Handbags Online Might Lead To Credit Card Fraud

Buying handbags online has raised a lot of concern due to some incidents that report fraud and stealing, but that's not always the case. Hence it is always advised and recommended to buy shoulder bags for women and tote bags online through reputable web stores and sites.

  • Some shady sites might hack your information, but that doesn't always happen. There are certain ways you can protect your confidential information from getting hacked when purchasing designer handbags online.

PayPal is an amazing option through which you can pay for your shopping without any worry. It is like a barrier that protects your data from getting hacked by acting as a barrier between the sellers and you. If you do not use PayPal, then a prepaid Visa card is equally fine as it is quite secure as well.

  • Customers should never give out their security pins and passwords unless they are completely sure that their information cannot be manipulated.
  • It is also advised that before buying handbags online, you visit the ATM if possible.
  • In this way, your personal information will not be required, and you won't be in any fear of getting scammed or facing fraud. After all, in-person payments are way more convenient and safer.

Serial Codes Show That A Bag Is Real

When it comes to buying handbags online, most customers have a few common misconceptions in their mind that if there is a serial code on the bag, it certainly means that the bag is real; however, that's not always true.

  • Most women believe that dust bags and bag tags only come with those bags that are original.>/li>
  • In some cases, this surely does help us check whether a bag is real, but sometimes it doesn't work out if an original bag doesn't come with a bag tag that could actually mean that the bag is illegal.
  • Some counterfeiters try to make a bag tag for their replicas to make them look more believable.
  • Moreover, the counterfeiters may even come up with a UPC barcode that can scan into the real product!

  What Are The Common Myths About Buying Handbags Online       What Are The Common Myths About Buying Handbags Online

In short, it is quite evident that serial numbers are not legitimate proof of a bag's originality, and they can easily be forged in cases of buying handbags online. This will clearly show that the product is not legal or right in any sort of way. Hence one must always be aware of such scams in order to avoid any sort of monetary loss.

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