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For all those Louis Vuitton lovers, you always have questions and concerns on how to store it and how to treat it over time. Below are a few tips and tricks 

  • Always store your bags in a dust bag or even in a pillow case. NEVER in a plastic bag
  • To prevent from losing its shape, add towels or blankets

Many may not know this, but if you don't air out your handbag, especially LV. Even if you don't use it, you should let it air out AT LEAST every 6 months. Sometimes this prevents cracking to leather.

  • Alcoholic-free and scent-free baby wipe can be used for cleaning canvas, vachetta, and also if you have a stain or mark. If you happen to have a stain or a mark on your vachetta, don't panic! Keep in mind, DAB. DO NOT RUB (Rubbing will cause the stain to spread)
You can also use the wipe to even out the color of the vachetta. (Vachetta leather is premium cowhide leather that has a buttery soft appearance that can feel really good when brushed against your skin. It is an untreated and unprotected leather; This is why it tends to darken over time. This is why the water stains happen so easily) Eventually as you are cleaning it, you will notice it getting darker and you will probably start to feel a little hesitant about it. It is normal, as it starts to dry up, it would start to lighten up as well. 
  • If your handles are already darkened, you can condition with Apple leather conditioner,  it prevents from darkening and cracks
  • If the bag is made out of vachetta leather, try to prevent from carrying it on your hands. Instead, carry it on your shoulder or crock of you arm. This way the oils from your hands won't transfer to the handles and cause it to darken

Removing old water mark stains can easily be used with a  PENCIL ERASER. YES! A pencil eraser works, it will either lighten the watermark or remove it

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