this tote really is "NEVER-FULL"

Hence the name of this handbag, it literally is "NEVER FULL". It is ONE of the TWO most popular bags.

This bag comes in THREE different size. PM, being the petite. MM, being the medium (almost everyone believes its the perfect size for everyday use) and the GM, being the large. Regardless of the size, it is very spacious. Along with the different sizes, it also comes in different styles known as : Monogram print, (original LV canvas) Damier Azur (checkerboard gray) and Damier Ebene, (checkerboard brown)

Ever catch yourself second guessing the Neverfull? You may think that it is not secure due to not having a zipper. No, it does not have a zipper, but it does have a clip where you can link both together and close your bag. Another way you could secure it is on the side of the bag, you can cinch the two leather straps together to make it tight. 

This bag really holds A LOT, its really lightweight; You could throw so many things in there, that whenever it comes to finding something, its just as easy. Not like our other purses that we have to sit and dig for one item we can't just seem to find at the moment. 

Did you know that not only can you carry your handbag showing the canvas design, but it can also be reversible. 

If you ever think of investing in a bag, this Louis Vuitton piece will be a "good starter" bag.  


  • Jun 12, 2018
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