The New Year’s Fashion Week Spring 2022 Predicts Next Year’s It - Bags

"The New Year’s Fashion Week Spring 2022 Predicts Next Year’s 10 popular designer handbags that you'll always find in fashion people's closets."

Luring into the newness that encapsulates your mood to boasting an allure of opulence, the throwback to vintages, from sequins to fringes, to graphic patterns to majestic structural silhouettes draped against the backdrop of the cascading gowns, the New Year Fashion Week has spoken. After several seasons skipped, the New York Fashion allure got a bit of its groove back this season. After an 18months break, editors, buyers, and influencers are back sitting in the front row, spotting the allure of street style frenzy all cocooned into charisma.

Who deserves your attention the most?

The designers and the iconic fashion Maisons have dug deep into the depths of opulence, boasting the eclectic mix of new heavy hitters like Fendi Mon Tresor to the nonchalant classic vintage staples like Gucci 1961 Jackie bag, a cohort of recent It bags have shared the limelight with the guests.

With the closing out of the fashion month, the return of the spring runways boasts an appetite for bold aesthetics, bringing forth a resurgence of bag fashion delivering upbeat, colorful collections featuring oversized floppy totes, structured briefcase clutches, and eccentric micro designs, if the new Year Fashion Week had a slogan it would be "convenience but elegance."

A million-dollar question! Will there be street style?

New Year Fashion Week is back, and so is the street style. In recent years, spring runways have become more about street-style bags than the actual collections. Even for fashion enthusiasts, there is something comforting about fading into novelty.

Nothing was certain about the New Year Fashion Week except that the street style would ace the spring runways bringing in the retro glam boasting a classic spin with an urban twist. Thinking about the fruity beaded carryalls and printed top handles, the cheery handbags style purses were just as bright as the scorching sun rekindling the high-end fashion streets boasting covetable outfit additions on day 5 of the New York Fashion Week. After a year and a half of not having a legit reason to flaunt our favorite designs, we can finally dig into our closets flaunting the timeless Chanel Classic Flap bag or the eternal Hermes Kelly to be seen once again as a street style diva.

How well do you know New York Fashion Week?

Spanning months and aesthetics, New York Fashion fiesta is the first event in the voguish industry’s calendar. From emerging talent to iconic fashion designers, the mega street event liberates your fashion freedom with the sense of powerful stories and dramatic fantasies. In the spirit of getting dressed again, when the New York Fashion Week’s front row attendees were inquired about their inspiration. No two women have approached their New York Fashion Week wardrobe with the same ideology. From micro glam frenzy to snuggling into the XXXL functional styles, designers have bolstered your minimalistic chicness with the punch of style and comfort in mind.

Taking an insight into the season’s round-up of the coveted bags in trend, the New York fashion galore is sure to be everywhere in the coming year. Bringing you more street-style fashion, here are our top picks from the New York Fashion Week 2022 to add a flicker of oomph to your bland closet.

We are not expecting you to take time off your busy schedule to scrutinize hundreds of runway images to gain insight into the latest fads because this is what we are for, taking all the notes from the New York Fashion Week 2022. From Raffia totes to Chanel mini flap bags and everything in between, have a sneak peek into that cheat sheet on the best of the displays.

  • Chanel Patchwork Jumbo Flap Bag

    Chanel Patchwork Jumbo Flap Bag

    Of all the things that adorned the New York Fashion Week’s runway, the detailed patchwork is what surprised us the most. One of our favorite limited editions of all time, Chanel Jumbo Flap from the Chanel Cruise 2011 collection, flaunts exquisiteness and sassiness. I mean, just look at her! The patchwork isn't something you see frequently. Boasting a flicker of playfulness to your bland closet, this stunner is going to accompany your spring wardrobe with its quirky silhouette and vibrant hues. 

    Deemed as the rarest piece from Chanel's flamboyant collection, it is naturally arduous to get your hand on one of these limited pieces. Flaunting the covers of countless magazine covers and editorials, The Chanel Jumbo flap bag sold almost instantly. The iconic bag is a self-selling beauty that will retain its resale value even after yonks.

    Reminiscent of the Queen Bliar Woldrof’s patchwork arm, this New York Fashion Week quirky collectible is adorned with tweed, raffia, plaid fabric, and leather flaunting bold hues and multicolor seamless stitching throughout. Punched with the iconic leather chain entwined strap oozing opulence and charisma, a faux signature silver-tone classic CC logo completes the look.

  • Gucci Jackie 1961

    Reflective of an era, imbuing the essence of a cherished wardrobe essential to return to, season after season, the Gucci 1961 Jackie bag’s story is reinterpreted with a contemporary edge expressing an array of sizes, vibrant hues, and extravagant silhouettes.

    Expressed through Alessandro’s avid creativity, the signature Gucci line unifies details from the archives with a modern spirit. Crafted from the ultra-supple leather Boasting the ever-trendy small and midi sizes from creamy pastels to the signature GG monogram canvas, the slouchy structured contours and defining piston accents caused quite a stir at the New York Fashion Week.

  • Bottega Veneta Mini BV Jodie

    A conventional take on the laid back style, intricately woven silhouettes are decidedly in for the season. In all its artisanal glory, the classic weaves boast Bottega Mini Jodie tote flaunting its signature style in New York Fashion Week. Daniel Lee’s winning streak continues with the Bottega Jodie bag. The urban display is amalgamated with the hint of heritage craftsmanship featuring the bold intrecciato leather that feels in line with the bags in style for the New York Fashion Week galore. From its exotic Napa leather to minimalistic aesthetics bolstered with the elevated shape, the growing legion of fans is evident. With a palette of the most subtle hues, the street style bag oozes sophistication with its loop handle silhouette that looks utterly extravagant.

  • Chanel Classic Flap Bag

    Chanel Classic Flap Bag

    There is a return to classicism, feminine beauty, luxuriousness for the spring New York Fashion Week’ galore, and comfort and style is the quintessential detail that gave it life. Portraying the artistry and craftsmanship of the House of Chanel, the Chanel large flap bag captured the fun and flirty spirit of the 80s catwalk. It is perhaps the most sought-after bag in Chanel's classic collection leading the fashion industry for over a century while corroborating the notion that the legacy will continue to adorn the shelves of the Fashion House. Inspired by the magic of fashion seen through the photographer’s lens, the New York Fashion Week classic evoked the heightened emotions and memories as if the legacy had been passed down from the hands of Coco Chanel herself to Karl Largerfled and to us.

    Excuse the drama, romanticism with the touch of mystery, the zipped pouch ideal for keeping secret notes, and the leather entwined chain strap boasting the sign of rebellion and women's newfound thrill for freedom, Chanel large flap bag is a symbol of feminism, class, and freedom. Dripping in the glossy quilted patent leather, from neon pops to subtle hues, the exterior is embossed with the punch of silver turn lock CC closure and double flap top style that stands out even amongst the breathtaking couture designs. The expensive price tag is not a hassle anymore; lean into the sustainable fashion economy by splurging in the preluded Chanel classics at Dallas Designer Handbags Hub without breaking your bank account.

  • Fendi Mon Tresor Bucket Bag

    The bucket bag fixation is a show stealer at the New York Fashion Week. If you never thought you would be a bucket bag girl, you can’t help but fall in love with the Fendi Mon Tresor mini bucket bags introduced in the brand’s Resort 2018 Collection. From boasting a playful edge with the vibrant hues, the mesh silhouette features Fendi Lettering corroborated with the leather trim, to the extravagant details keeping it classic with the labels iconic monogram print accentuated with the drawstring fastening flaunting the F logo mental accents, the Fendi Mon Tressor handbags and purses are the spring 2022 street style bags.

    Embrace the mini bag trend with the petite version of this French label, which is undoubtedly an extravagant companion for a quick coffee run and romantic lunch dates featuring supple calf leather that opens to a suede interior. The mini size comes with two removable straps to drape it across the shoulder.

  • Tory Burch Kira Woven Mini Bag

    The impractically small and extravagantly chic bag fashion has taken over the New York Fashion Week allure in a big way. No, they can't fit your planner, but they flaunt a damn good look when paired with pretty much everything in your closet. No wonder an eclectic and diverse bunch of fashionistas were quick to adopt this nostalgic bag in style. The double TT as beveled hardware is delicate but bold. Moreover, the soft leather and the textural suede weaved into basket pattern packs some serious fashion punch boasting exquisite artisanal craftsmanship.

  • Hermes Constance Mini Bag

    Undoubtedly Hermes Birkin is one of the top-notch coveted staples of all time. Still, the brand's exemplary craftsmanship has nailed another style that has become the celebrity essential at the New York Fashion Week mania. No, it's not Kelly! The Maison's Hermes Constance mini bag is a handy cross-body silhouette created by the in-house designer Catherine Chaillet in 1967 and is named after her daughter’s name.

    The minimalistic design creates an opulent semblance with a flamboyant metal H snap closure boasting the trademark of Hermes. The lock pattern, leather, and design details spell an alluring charm, so if you want to expand your bag empire, the Hermes Constance mini is your ultimate port for the call. The architectural aesthesis flaunts the square cross body design with rounded corners, giving its flaps the extra suppleness, proffering two generous gussets that facilitate the shoulder strap to run free. The New York Fashion Week’s stellar boasts the extravagant roundness that features a sporty spirit and a functional silhouette; indeed a marvel of simplicity for women with a confident stride. The Hermes Constance is priced at $8,200 in the USA.

  • Hermes Kelly Mini

    Hermes Kelly Mini

    Typically New York Fashion week prompts the fashionistas to wear top-notch luxurious accessories to ace their semblance during the week, but spending time away from the standard fashion circuit has brought forward a relatively normal person closet in the limelight, which is why designers and fashionistas are leaning towards rethinking the bags in style. Hermes Kelly mini piece is one of those iconic stellars that is sure to catch the sight of onlookers on the streets of New York Fashion Week glam with its relaxed design bolstered with a hint of a contemporary accent. Over the decades, season after season, the iterations of Kelly in limited runs have made it to the fashion runways as a collectible designer item.

    Just a little bigger than the Kelly micro and a little smaller than the classic Kelly, the Hermes Kelly small is made to fit all our modern gadgets while maintaining its petite structure. While the classic Epsom leather gold hardware is timeless, it is those rarer, hard-to-find finishes that make a splash. If this luxury label inspires you, Dallas Designer Handbags is a one-stop hub proffering vintage textures and opulent designs in pristine condition without costing you the earth.

  • Gucci Diana Bag

    Bringing from Gucci's archive, you can spoon-buy the version of Princess Diana’s coveted handbag from the 90s. Coined as Diana's bag, it is a re-imagination of Diana's favorite bamboo handle tote bag with removable neon belts, a nod to the functional bands that once came with the original piece to maintain the shape of the bamboo handles. The effortlessly chic style rocking the New Years Fashion Week is synonymous with the Lady's free-spirited style reflective of the 90s era. Boasting the seven colorways, the Gucci Diana bag flaunts the royal emerald, and the sweet rose versions with fluoro straps chime displaying the brand's mission to boast self-expression. Elle's feminine dresser snapped with the powder pink iteration while the Fluro orange accents caught Jodie's attention; this voguish classic is deemed to be a royally exclusive addition from the New York Fashion Week.

  • Prada Raffia Tote Bag

    Playing with discrete forms, structures, patterns, and shapes, the controversial oversized totes are the thing in the New York Fashion Week. There has been an evident shift towards comfort and wearability, and most of the fashionistas were seen embracing the day-to-day looks in a more laid back style. And we are not mad about it. A luxurious interpretation of the symbolic Prada triangle adorning the front of the Prada beige raffia beach tote bag, the relatively minimalistic design features a standard straw bag with embroidered lettering logo at the center oozing nothing but vintage summer feels. It is fair to say that this straw bag ended all straw bags with its raffia fabrication.

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