Tips for Buying Pre-Owned Authentic Designer Handbags

Luxury Staples made Affordable

Sugar, spice and everything nice, they say. However, they never tell you that everything nice like an authentic designer handbag comes with a huge price tag. Actually, that’s only one side of the problem equation. The other side is the limited collections designers launch. Sometimes, the bag that gets the fashion forward nod is in your budget, but out-of-stock. Most would just buy authentic purses  off the glass racks at full price. But what’s a good shopping spree without a deal grab? 

Exactly our point. Why spend a fortune on luxury handbags when we guarantee you the “everything nice” experience at the most affordable prices!

Luxury Pre-Owned Designer Handbags

The preloved bags USA market is studded with retailers dealing in second hand luxury bags. Unfortunately, you don’t always succeed in your search for this experience. Mostly, the best of the authentic designer handbag collection is nowhere to be found. Other times, the taxes make them even more of an out of reach grandeur.  In such dire situations, our pre-loved collection comes to the rescue. 

Why Choose A Used Luxury Bag?

For the Value. For the Experience. For the Planet.

Some people want specific designs that might not be available in the market anymore. Vintage bags for example. Others might consider buying a  cheap authentic designer handbags for the following reasons:

  • Want an exclusive bag like a Birkin but not ready to wait for months.
  • Like being different but also rational and so, might spend less on a bag and more on loved ones.
  • Want to get “the look” and don’t care if the authentic designer handbag is new, old or slightly used. 
  • Want to buy your very first authentic designer handbag and you’re sponsoring yourself for it. 
  • Like bag rotation and don’t like spending a fortune on bags that you won’t use more than twice. 

Don’t think buying pre-loved is settling for less. It is settling for what’s loved. 

Dallas Designer Handbags - Pre-Owned Luxury Bags

Dallas Designer handbags have authentic designer handbags at lowest prices. Believing in value addition to your attire, we bring experiences not items!

Our Preloved Designer Bags Collection

From Louis Vuitton to Christian Dior, Prada and even Lanvin, you name it and we have it. We deal in Authentic purses that you’ve always aspired to hold in your arms. Whether Italian or French, we have authentic designer handbags from around the world. After strict quality control, we offer preloved bags from Coach, Gucci, Fendi and Versaci. We also have names like Tom Ford and Valentino associated with our products and so, you’ll find everything you need. 

Quick Guide for Buyers of Second Hand Luxury Bags

Buying preloved designer bags can be tricky. Here is a quick guide for those who want to buy luxury staples at affordable prices:

  • Get Into the Details: Research. Research and research. A flashy website or a big brick-n-mortar store isn’t enough to prove authenticity. Authentic purses are valuable and researching about retailers will help you choose. 
  • Know What You’re Looking For: Find your perfect bag. Look into styles, price ranges, the condition acceptable to you.
  • Become a Comparative Analyst: Compare the original price, market price and the preloved bag price THRICE. Yes, THRICE. You don’t want an old version of a used luxury handbag at the price of new!
  • Exercise Your Willpower. DO NOT GET IMPULSIVE. 
  • Check the Authenticity Multiple Times: Look for an authentication tag. It is often easy for scammers to lure you into buying an A+ copy. Make sure you tally the serial number of the bag you intend you buy with the original designer website.
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