Our Guide To The Gucci of Your Dreams

The Gucci of Your Dreams: A Guide

The buzz that surrounds the Gucci handbags comes as no surprise to us. With Alessandro Michele behind the Gucci bag models, the fashion of this era has been revolutionized and the brand itself has reached sky-rocketing fame. Celebrities like Beyoncé, Salma Hayek and Rita Ora have occasionally been spotted with their Gucci favorites. The popularity of the brand amongst the celebrity circle is well received by the masses too, and so has unquestionably earned a place on our wish lists. With all the hype that’s been surrounding the Gucci bags women collection, our desire for everything Gucci has only just intensified!

With many new hot items in the Gucci bags women collection, it’s easy to see why it has become a sensation of the moment. It will only be fair on our part to admit that no handbag collection could be complete without a Gucci in your closet. We have assembled a list of some of the most covetable of the Gucci bag models to give you a good shopping guide. So, if you’re a handbag investor who loves to be in vogue, or someone who’s simply after a timeless fashion statement piece, then we hope to help you find the Gucci of your dreams. 


Gucci Mini Bag

A handbag’s ability in transforming an outfit is undeniable; that itself might be one of the main reasons as to why many of us are purse-obsessed. Making a bold statement with a bag in hand is every purse-lovers dream. The Gucci Sylvie mini bag has been making huge waves ever since its release and with new articles being added to this classical collection this is one style that isn’t going out of fashion.

The Gucci mini bag has been found to work well for quite some reasons. Sleek and incredibly chic, these bags are just the perfect size for an intimate gathering. With the variety that’s been around for sometimes, you could easily get your hands on the perfect Gucci mini bag; hopefully in the size and the color of your liking. It’s one of those Gucci handbags that should make its way to your closets; and to your hearts it will - that we are sure about.


Gucci Crossbody

If you’re looking for a light weight purse that could free your hands from the hassle of holding a purse then the Gucci crossbody is our personal favorite. Not only is a crossbody easy to just throw on but it also happens to be a considerably secure purse option since it hangs in front of you.

With many of the Gucci bag models attracting a worldwide fame, it would be only fair to mention the iconic Soho Disco bag - a Gucci crossbody, that took the fashion world by storm on its release several years ago. A designer handbag with a subtle interlocking logo, this is one bag that will never go out of style. The classical black one can be regarded as one of Emma Robert’s favorites as evidenced by how frequently she’s photographed with it.


Gucci Backpack

Every student’s dream come true; the Gucci backpack is not only comfortable to carry, but is also the perfect everyday bag in terms of both the size and style. But schools are not the only place for a backpack anymore. Thanks to the celebrities who’ve made them seem a great addition to the outfit and have set the trend of carrying these bags around almost everywhere: to work, to the gym, when travelling and even to shopping.

So, if you’re looking for an all-rounder practical option when you’re on-the-go then the Gucci backpack is what we suggest you invest in. 


Gucci Tote

Blending function with style, a Gucci Tote is the companion of a girl who has a lot on her plate, and who never really compromises on making a fashion statement either. Taking care of your comfort needs as you basically fit a week’s worth of grocery in it, this spacious bag promises to associate an effortless chic vibe as you move around your neighborhood.

The quality of these bags and their ease of use is just as admirable as the way they make those who carry it look. So, if you’re looking for a reliable option in times of need then a Gucci tote will be your best bet. 


GG Belt

It’s hard to pin down only one reason as to why a pair of interlocking G’s on a leather strap has the effect that it does. With a long list of celebrity fans alone, most notably Kendell Jenner, Jennifer Anniston and Kourtney Kardashian to name only a few, the GG belt has become a staple dominating the fashion world. The beautiful craftsmanship of the double G buckle only solidifies our adoration for these belts.

We’ve been seeing all the other ‘it’ items which come and go, but the GG belt has been an undeniable fixture in all these years. So, do we need to say more to convince you to get your hands on one of these?


Pre-Owned Gucci Bags

Many a times we find ourselves going gaga over an article from the Gucci bags women collection that we desperately want, but aren’t that sure of spending all those bucks on it. Might we suggest that you take a leap of faith and invest in the pre-owned Gucci bags?

Because of the high resale value, Gucci has become a hot favorite amongst women who love to change their bags occasionally so as to compliment the latest trends. Seeing the brand bloom season after season we can say this with conviction that the obsession surrounding Gucci handbags is here to stay. We are totally of the view that everyone should be able to elevate their wardrobes to a higher level of classiness without being too heavy on their pockets and the pre-owned Gucci bags present just the perfect opportunity for you to invest in without any second thoughts.


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