Louis Vuitton: A Timeless Affair

Louis Vuitton new bags have set a world-wide cachet, and the amount of admiration this valuable luxury brand has been able to attract towards itself is completely justified. With a huge fan following in the celebrities’ circle alone, a Louis Vuitton monogram holds a certain timeless charm that can make any women go gaga over it; and we are no exception to that rule. From Kendall Jenner to Selena Gomez just to name a few of the fashion divas of the entertainment industry, we’ve seen plenty of LV bags that unarguably get the most of the A-List love.  

With an extensive collection of designs and styles that a Louis Vuitton bag comes in, it can get pretty overwhelming to figure out just the right bag for you. Luckily, we went down the LV lane to compile a handy guide featuring some of the most iconic LV bags along the way that are loved universally, to steer you in the right LV direction. We believe that there’s a suitable Louis Vuitton purse out there for every occasion. So, are you ready to find your dreamy LV? Brace yourself as we dive right into it.    


Louis Vuitton Speedy – A Love Story Here to Stay

A stylish companion of the girl about town, the good old Louis Vuitton speedy has never known to disappoint in the time of need. Inspired by the travel revolution at the time of its launch, it has since then climbed the ladder decade after decade to secure its place as the ultimate LV icon, and is by far the most popular of the LV bags in existence. A timeless masterpiece, it’s a hard to miss and an easily recognizable Louis Vuitton bag by even those with little knowledge of handbags.

An Audrey Hepburn’s all-time favorite, with the speedy 25 being launched on her personal request, this Louis Vuitton purse has been with us since decades. We are head over heels in love with the timeless look and the decades old charm a Louis Vuitton speedy still holds. So, if you’re looking for something that combines elegance with practicality and is here to stay then this is the perfect pick for you. Afterall, a bag that has withstood the test of time is a safe investment to say the very least.


Louis Vuitton Tote Bag – Filled to the Brim with Love

When it comes to tote bags the Neverfull by LV is unquestionably ‘the one’. You could basically fit your entire life inside this Louis Vuitton tote bag and it will still never get full, just like the name implies. The versatility of this oversized Louis Vuitton purse makes it not only a functional but also a fashionable handbag option.

The Hollywood sweethearts like Angelina Jolie and Reese Witherspoon know how to pull off a busy day work look with their LV totes; and it’s a look we highly approve of. So, if you’re out and about, spending a busy day shopping and running errands or on a look out for a bag with a roomy interior to carry it along with you to the office, then we suggest you do that in comfort and style with a Louis Vuitton tote bag as your companion.


Louis Vuitton Backpack – The Tale of Comfort and Style

A classic style for a Louis Vuitton backpack was the one often slung over the shoulders of some of the coolest celebs back in the days like Mariah Carey, who made a strong statement with her LV, one that we couldn’t ignore even after all the years. Despite of being around for some time, this Louis Vuitton bag still remains a very covetable item, as highlighted by Kylie Jenner who was spotted holding her LV from the top handle instead of the more traditional way.

If carrying around a bag that could easily be slung behind you is more of your forte then we suggest you take a look at this one. Complete with the Louis Vuitton monogram canvas and an adjustable strap whose several configurations let you try different ways of carrying it around, the Louis Vuitton backpack is all set to present your casual attire with a touch of sophisticated elegance as you roam around.


Louis Vuitton Wallet – Stay in Vouge   

A wallet is something of an everyday staple and so durability is of our utmost concern. A Louis Vuitton wallet has got to be an all-time must-have. The value that a Louis Vuitton monogram holds is a plus, but the exceptional quality and hours of delicate work put into each and every piece is why we are rooting for this article. It’s a decade old tried and a tested fact that a Louis Vuitton leather is here to stay with you and if anything, it’ll only look better with age just like fine wine. Our verdict? Well, a Louis Vuitton wallet is one of the best finds you’ll make in a while.  


We can say this with much conviction that many out of the Louis Vuitton new bags are here to stay with us as the new It bag. LV’s have seen many A-listers, the likes of Rihanna and Beyoncé showering it with a lot of love. A statement piece with an eternal draw attached to the very name, Louis Vuitton new bags have always been a sound investment that remains at the helm of fashion even more than a century later. Be it Nicki Minaj rapping about it in ‘Whip It’, or Kendell Jenner - the girl who knows her fashion, it’s a brand that never gets ignored. So, whether you want a bag to travel in style or a wallet that you’d always want to carry around with you, we hope to have helped you in finding just the right LV for yourself.

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