Designer handbags are prudent well-spent investments. Are you overwhelmed with your luxe designer bag that no longer signifies your fashion persona as it sits in your closet untouched! Besides letting this exuberant piece of the silhouette rot and tarnish at the back of your closet, it is high time to let go. Or do you have a taste to own many exotic luxury designer bags? But sadly your crowded closet is not letting you get your hands on more masterpieces. Takeout old pieces to have enough room for new designer bags collections!

What to do with old designer purses?

There is no baggage when you can sell designer handbags for cash. Selling your branded bag can be pesky and a nuisance if you have no prior experience. To save you from the hassle we can enlighten you, how to put up your luxury bags for sale.
Embrace yourself to know the gambits eccentric to sell designer handbags for cash

Handbags Selling Tips and Techniques

You ought to sell designer handbag for cash that you bought from your hard-earned money. You want to make the most out of it! Certain details should be kept in mind before selling your designer handbag. Learn how to configure pricing with the help of the illustration below:

How to Cash your Designer Handbags, Catch My Drift

Configuring the Prices

A little search is mandatory to have a better analysis of the resale market. To know what is your bag’s worth have a competitive analysis of the online vendors that deals in consigning designer bags. It will give you a lucid picture of what people are demanding in the market and what people are willing to pay for these precluded designer bags.

Decipher the Market Trends

Prices of the pre-loved bags are not stagnant; they vary with time and trends. If your tote or slouchy bag is not trending this season then it’s a big NO or else you will sell your designer handbag for cheap resale value. Using your search engine to sell designer handbags for cash near me will enable you to look into the trending market rates.

Can You Make More Money Selling Handbags?

The most exotic facet of investing in luxury bag brands is that they retain their glam and charm even after ages. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Channel, Hermes, Fendi, and Prada are the high-end luxury bag brands, whose resale value will give you potentially big numbers.

Is your Bag Store Ready?

Another important factor that influences your pricing is your bags’ presentation. Be thorough with your bag’s add-on features before committing the price, its original box, dustbag, authentication card, straps, and the original receipt. With so much counterfeit merchandise in the market, you need to make sure that you can validate the authenticity of your bag and sell a designer handbag for cash at a fair bargain.

Explicit Descriptions

Be wary when it comes to elucidating your designer bags’ condition. Any marking, creasing, rasp, tinting must not be overlooked and appended in the description box. Particulars that are out of the box about your handbag must be added vigilantly. Is it a brand new bag? Is it from a limited edition?

Aced Photography

The lighting and angles says it all! If your photos are not presentable your profits will be at stake. Be shrewd whilst clicking photos, the lighting must be on spot and take necessary close-ups of the brand name, any flaws or markings on the bag. Presenting a clear picture is everything. It will add value to your revenues even if you sell your cheap authentic designer handbag.

How to Sell Your Designer Handbags Online

Choose the market vigilantly whilst selling designer handbag for cash. Either it is the auction sites or the online consignment stores. Weight your options to opt for the course that is safer and profitable.

Auction Sites Online Consignment Stores Online Dealer Stores
Earn maximal profits Fewer profits Earn profits based on valuation
Probably have to work out everything on your own. Hassle-free pricing, photography, and dealings with buyer’s Hassle-free services
Potentially high rates Upfront cash or decisive rates Upfront cash decisive rates
It May take long to find a potential buyer Timely procedures Get paid quickly

Auction Sites

Auction sites are the most trendy resale sites that offer you to set a price to sell designer handbag for cash at an optimal profit. You will have to take pains for configuring prices, providing a descriptive analysis of the bag, photography, listing, and insurances. You get to choose whom you are going to sell your bag to and at what rate. You can make the most out of it as all the profits will go into your account. Be wary of scammers. These sites include:

E-Bay – An expensive resale site that promote efforts to get the job done. If you have an exquisite writing grip and your photos are legit then selling your designer handbag will generate great returns. Read buyer reviews to be cautious of scammers.

Online Authentic Consignment Stores

Online consignment stores save you from all the hassles if you are a busy person. They serve the purpose of a third-party vendor to sell designer handbag for cash. They will keep your bag till it is sold to a potential buyer. They get to do everything and you take the back seat and earn the profit. The drawbacks are significant, you won’t be getting all the profit because the resale site will keep its share that it spent on pricing, listing, insuring, shipping, and acquiring a buyer. They include:

The Real Real – Authenticate your bag and let them do the rest. It saves your time and effort to sell designer handbag for cash on your own.

Online Dealer Stores

These online stores offer you valuation as you don’t get to set your prices. If you accept the offer you will get your money as early as possible. It is the safest and proficient means to sell a designer handbag for cash.

Dallas Designer Handbags – DDH deals in pre-loved designer handbags for buying and selling. They offer one to one selling. Take 5 exclusive pictures of your bags and send them to DDH. They will offer you a valuation based on your bag’s condition. If the seller gives a go-ahead they readily send prepaid shipping labels. You can get upfront cash within 1-2 days. Earn adequate profits without the exhaustive drills as in auction and consignment stores. The direct dealing prompts no scamming risks.

Start Selling Designer Handbag for Cash Today

in your closet for good. Invest in your time and effort to avail the best platform to cash your bag at maximal profits.

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