A Deep Dive Into Buying a CHRISTIAN DIOR Saddle Belt Bag - Read These Expert's Tips

The Christian Dior saddle belt bag is a classic reinvention of a pouch. Courtesy of the Dior creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, It has become one of the most distinctive designer handbags of recent decades and is now considered as an It-bag reborn.

With a metallic ‘D’ magnetic closure and an iconic flap, it offers quite a tribute to the saddle line. Put together with a removable belt, it can add glamour to any outfit. The Christian Dior belt bag can be styled cross body, over the shoulder or simply carried by hand.

Like any luxury bag, the Dior Saddle belt pouch offers a unique versatility in its both original and re-issued versions. Here, we shall provide a comprehensive guide into what makes the Saddle Bag stand in the spotlight and what factors to look into if you’re buying it as an investment piece.

The beginning of the Saddle tale:

The bag initially acquired its popularity in the mid-2000s. John Galliano, choosing an altogether exclusive path at the time, designed the Original Christian Dior Saddle belt bag as a part of his very first collection in 1999 for the Dior house. With its short strap, flashy hardware and a beautiful shape, it caught the media’s attention instantly and secured the it-bag title. Owned and liked by numerous celebrities namely Carrie Bradshaw, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, the bag became every fashionista’s luxury dream.

After a successful run in the ‘00s, it was time for a comeback. Maria Grazia Chiuri seized the opportunity in 2018, and revived its timeless beauty in the AUTUMN-WINTER 2018 COLLECTION, hitting the stores in the summer of 2018. Returning into the fashion scene hard, the bag is currently a massive hit. Serving as a lesson for looking after your handbag collection, even if you think a bag has gone out of fashion.

Features of Original vs Reissued:

Galliano’s original version sparked a vintage look. Intended to be worn under the arm, it featured a front flap that fastened with Velcro, a CD buckle embellishment and a detachable strap. Inside, you’d find an interior zipped pocket and a back slip pocket.

Chiuri’s reinvention cemented the status of the bag as an iconic accessory. Though with a similar shape but slightly enlarged, the reissued version is fastened with a magnetic clasp unlike the original Velcro and is lined in suede. Available in exquisite embroidery, fringing and all-over beading, it can make quite an exceptional purchase.

The bag is made available in a variety of materials including calfskin, Oblique canvas and embroideries. This classic pouch is further enhanced in design when styled with a separately available shoulder strap. With their own metallic embellishments and gorgeous embroideries and a variety of materials, these straps can easily transform the attitude of a Saddle to suit the customer’s mood.

Dior Saddle Bag Mini vs Regular:

The brand having taken advantage of the global admiration for the bag also released a number of accessories that mirror the original belt bag including wallets and card holders. Dior saddle bag sizes also vary. Along with the Regular, Dior has introduced a mini version of the saddle. Both sizes allow you to carry it by hand or by the crook of the arm, while the medium can additionally be carried on the shoulder.

Having a dilemma about which saddle bag size to go for? Well, the Dior saddle bag mini vs regular is already a pretty hot debate on the online market.

The Dior micro saddle, although very cute and chic, would offer a more minimalistic approach to your styling. When put together with the mini saddle shoulder strap, It adds that little extra magic. Though less spacious, it is still a hot favourite accessory for special occasions like dinner dates, parties and such.

The regular, however, is more functional, more practical and hence, is reigning supreme. Recommended by various fashion influencers and celebrities, it is consumer friendly and can easily be used for everyday use.


In 2022, The Dior Calfskin medium saddle bag as well as the Dior oblique canvas in medium retailed in the range of $3,350 to $3,800 US dollars as opposed to Dior Calfskin mini and Dior oblique mini which sold between $2,700 to $3,250 US dollars.

You may ask why Dior is so expensive. Well, the classic style does not go on sale and is known to raise prices every few years. When speaking of haute couture, Dior definitely makes the list. The brand stands for luxury, prominence and exclusivity. Including various popular personalities, Dior has a very devoted fanbase. Not only that, the brand uses the richest raw material, leather, embellishments and a lot goes into crafting one single piece.

As an Investment:

If you’re questioning whether your Dior saddle bag is a good investment, here’s what you should know. With the crazy revival of Christian Dior's saddle belt bag, the resale price showed a drastic increase and the demand began to rise. While it could once be scored for as little as $150, it now sells for up to $3,500 in the resale market. The bag maintains its worth and quality and therefore, can easily be used as an investment piece. It offers more durability especially if chosen the grained black leather.

Dior Authentication:

Because of the reselling, the emergence of Christian Dior Saddle Belt Bag counterfeits has also drastically increased, therefore you may as well know how to authenticate a Christian dior saddle bag. The original has a distinct shape. Resembling an actual horse saddle, the top of an authentic piece displays a curve with a middle dip. The redesign has a rather slender logo, with the typical ‘C’ and ‘D’ metallic charms joined by a link that has ‘Christian Dior’ engraved at the back with more prominent first letters. The closure tab is closely attached to the front. Each legitimate piece has a tag of supple leather, rectangular with soft edges. Make sure to look for the Christian Dior, Paris embossed on it with an added MADE IN ITALY/ MADE IN SPAIN.

To Conclude:

We feel the Dior Saddle is surely timeless and makes quite the statement. Purchasing the strap adds versatility. The yearly increase in the bags pricing indicates that it holds its value and would serve for a long term investment. Are you ready to shop for yours? Whether the original or remake, let us know which one makes your wish-list or shop our available selection of pre-loved Dior bags.

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