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Celine bags are known for their classic, minimal design, the logo-free accessories and their unique shapes! Below, you will find a few of our favorites!

1. Celine Trapeze :  The combination of the sleek lines, simple design, contemporary wings, large handle, and the shoulder strap makes it a winner! Even if  your not a big fan of the wings because it makes it look bulkier, you could easily tuck the wings inside and there you have it, a whole new look to the bag. Due to the comfortable shoulder bag, this bag is so easy to carry! Although you can get multiple looks out of the Trapeze, it is classic yet modern, it’s just beautiful!

2. Celine Luggage :   Available in three sizes (Nano, Micro, Mini), the Celine Luggage bag comes in a wide variety of colors and material combinations. The Luggage is a no stranger to anyone who is into designer handbags (hence the robot look on the front) Going on in the interior of a Celine luggage tote, you’ll see the whole lining of soft suede, there’s a huge one compartment with one side zipper pocket and the other side with a small compartment. It is perfect for anyone who has a little, or a lot of ‘luggage’ to carry throughout their daily lives.

3. Celine Phantom : The Phantom comes with the option of some very unconventional side closures that completely transform the bag's when used. Who doesn't love a two-for-one tote? It's now-iconic shape makes it stand out, the bag is so chic yet practical and spacious. Not to mention the braided tassel zip that adds a touch of femininity! The Phantom has a wider base and a wider wingspan, making it more spaciousness and its ability to expand. Therefore, making it more practical for people who carry more things. 

Which ever Celine handbag you choose to pick, it will pair well with all your favorite ensembles and makes for an adorable arm accessory.

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