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Gone are the days when you admired a luxury handbag only through window shopping or the screenshotted archives folder on your phone (for the bills aren’t going to pay themselves, honey, we feel ya!) because we, at Dallas Designer Handbags, did our homework diligently to bring you the best solution to afford all those dainty, gorgeous luxe bags: Pre-owned Designer Bags.  

Yes, you read that right. You no longer have to sell that kidney, buy a used designer bag instead. And, then don’t forget to flaunt that preowned Louis Vuitton bag! 

Jokes apart, in an attempt to stand out and develop a unique style of their own, even celebrities and bloggers have started to adorn preloved bags. Vintage buy is the new norm and we’re all set to get along. We’re already fantasizing about  

And if this isn’t enough to convince you, read on ahead to find out more reasons as to why pre-owned designer bags are the new buzz of the town!   


1) Your Love Story is Unique:  

Love is complex. Love is easy.   

Love is what you want it to be, what you want it to feel like. No two souls in the entire world share the same bond of affection. So, just because they loved someone before you does not mean they will love you any lesser. It does not mean that the bond you two will share will be any less inferior or that the connection between the two of you will be any weaker. It will be bigger; it will be better. It will be whatever you nurture it to be. You just need to find the right person (read: pre-owned designer bag) worth sharing your love with.  

The affinity is exclusive to each couple. Man and Woman. Woman and Luxury bag. Woman and pre-owned Gucci bag! 

An endless love affair.  


2) Your Experience is Nonpareil:  

A luxury pre owned designer handbag at half the retail price is a S.T.E.A.L:  

Shut up Take my monEy And Leave”;   

No, but seriously!! Imagine winning a vacation at a luxurious 5-Star hotel at a whopping 50% off. Would you waver it off just because your sister's aunt’s grandma's friend went and stayed there for her 23rd Wedding Anniversary? Uh, definitely not. It wouldn’t hinder your decision or make your stay at the same hotel any less exclusive or lavish. Actually, tons better as you’d enjoy the same amenities at a lower price. A pre-owned designer bag is exactly that luxuriant and magnificent rest and recreational leave you need.   

And a pre-owned Chanel bag is no less than a vacation abroad. Ooh lala!  


3) Your buy is Exclusively Vintage:  

Every second-hand buy comes with a story. Those who associate themselves as collectibles or just emotionally-driven; a pre-owned designer bag, to them, is a sentiment. And a vintage buy from a different era of styles and trends, gracefully connects them to this side of their personality.  Some might even get luckier and lay their hands on a Limited Edition. A classic, rare pre-owned designer bag. Definitely, every vintage buyers dream and that too, at a throw away price! 


Buyer Guide: 

  • Buy from trusted sites. Dallas Designer Handbags strive to provide you the most exclusive and wide range of authentic pre-owned designer bags, gone through thorough checks and revision checks to ensure utmost quality and standard. 

Do not be intimidated to ask questions. We’re happy to help and answer all your queries regarding pre-owned designer bags

  • Jul 27, 2020
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