Black Friday Designer Handbag Deals 2020

The sale season is finally here again and brings some incredible Black Friday designer handbags deals that you just cannot overlook. It gives you a chance to get your dream product at an unimaginably discounted price. It is rumored that brands are going quite low this year, making it the best time to make investments.

Every one of your dream brands — whether it be Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and others — we have them all on our site: Dallas Designer Handbags. But out of a myriad of names, which ones are the hottest items for this sale season? Here we have rounded up some best Black Friday sales on handbags, so let’s see what we have here.

Best Black Friday Sale on Designer Handbags

1) Christian Dior Saddle Crossbody Bag:


Wondering what Black Friday deals on handbags has to offer this year? Behold Dior saddle oblique crossbody bag, which is a masterpiece by Christian Dior — a prominent name in the fashion industry. It brings you this beautifully crafted Saddle Crossbody bag, exhibiting a modern design. It comes with an asymmetrical flap with several metal embellishments that are hooked in place firmly.

As for the manufacturing material, you will not find anything sturdier than calfskin leather. It is strong and can easily pass the test of time. It also features a convenient removable chain, a patchy pocket, four card slots, and a tight zipped pocket.

All in all, it is a full package regardless of its relatively smaller size. It can be either work crossbody, carried by hand, or even worn over the shoulder — any way you want. Given its popularity, you can find promising designer handbag deals on this item.

2) Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Monogram:

Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Monogram

Just like in the past, this Louis Vuitton Black Friday 2020 Sale brings some classy designs on the front. That said, this Mini Pochette captures the attention of any viewer instantly with its uniqueness. There is something about Louis Vuitton designer bags that always attract eyes. This time, it is the Tahitiennes print pattern and the extremely elegant design that does the magic.

Being incredibly compact, it is ideal for carrying small essentials. You can store everything you want for one day to hang out as there are enough crannies and nooks inside. It usually comes with an additional tinier pouch which can be attached to the strap of this bag or any other.

As for the quality, the name of the brand speaks for itself. The body is put together with Louis Vuitton signature coated canvas, having a very durable nature. The bag usually costs a fortune but with Black Friday designer handbags deals, you can get it at almost half the original price.

3) Gucci Ophidia Suede Belt Bag:

Gucci Ophidia Suede Belt Bag

The Black Friday deals on designer handbags always bring some vintage designs back to life. A style that was popular back in the 90s is at large again. This retro design is usually categorized in the sportswear section, but people are using it creatively with dresses as well.

It is covered with crackled patent leather and finished with the GG Supreme canvas. The bag features a big front zipper pocket, which is the face of this product. The zip closure stays in place even when you are moving around rigorously.

The bag is worn cross-body or even around the waist with a help of a nylon strap. So, if this has made up your mind, make haste, and purchase this within a fraction of the retail price. You can get great Black Friday designer handbags deals on this product.

4) Gucci Ophidia GG Flora Tote Bag:

Gucci Ophidia GG Flora Tote Bag

Black Friday designer handbags deals are just around the corner, for which this product should be one your list. It is one of the Gucci’s finest tote bag, covered with architectural design. It almost looks as if it was hand-drawn by an artist.

On the front, you can witness the legendary golden logo, accompanied by the interlocking print in the middle. It goes with twin shoulder straps, allowing you to carry it anywhere hassle-freely regardless of its size. The bag comes with a detachable pouch as well, which you can attach with this or any other bag.

Moreover, the canvas and leather are, without a doubt, of the highest quality as expected from Gucci. It would be a good chance to get your hands on this marvelous product on this Black Friday bag sale. You can expect a handsome cut on the retail price as Gucci handbags Black Friday Sales are always impressive.

5) Yves Saint Laurent Small Manhattan Shopper Tote:

Yves Saint Laurent Small Manhattan Shopper Tote

Check out Black Friday handbags special offer on the finest craftsmanship by Saint Laurent — another fashion giant of the industry. Without any flashy features, this tote bag still stands out with its simplicity combined with grace. The plain surface reeks of glance and goes with any dress you want to wear on any occasion.

The body is constructed with sturdy calfskin leather, which is the main ingredient behind its durability. Even heavy use won’t be able to wear out this amazing designer handbag. So, don’t forget to purchase it on this upcoming designer bags Black Friday sale.

6) Chanel Paris Dallas Fringe Bowling Bag:

Chanel Paris Dallas Fringe Bowling Bag

What caught our eyes while researching on the Black Friday Deals on Dallas Designer Handbags, is this leather fringe bowling bag. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is different than any item we have mentioned so far. All thanks to its unique looks — chained shoulder straps, dangling pony hair leather, and beaded ornamentation. Therefore, it could turn out a good investment this year.

7) Chanel Boy Enchained Shoulder Bag:

Chanel Boy Enchained Shoulder Bag

Unlike any other designer bag that we have recommended above, this stands out in terms of flashy looks. The front side is covered with corrosion-resistant metal chains, giving out a strong appearance.

It might not be everyone’s cup of it, considering it goes with a particular outfit. However, people who are always looking for something different than usual can try it on this designer handbags Black Friday sale.

Also, it is built with calfskin leather just liked others on the list. That is why we can expect the same durability and sturdiness of this item. Normally, it costs a lot, but with the upcoming sales, you can find impressive Black Friday designer handbags deals on Chanel products.

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