Hermes Luxury handbags stand out to be the most loved and wanted handbags by every woman out there. One bag in particular tops the favorite collection list; Hermes Birkin Bag. It is exceptional and timeless, and no wonder it stands as the most imitated bag in history. So, it may worry you if you are going to spend so much money on a bag, what if it turns out to be fake? So here we are, going to help you figure out Hermes Birkin fake vs real. 

If you see a counterfeited Hermes Birkin bag, it gets very difficult to recognize if it is real or fake. Genuine experts also hesitate to share the information that would help you spot the differences between fake Hermes vs real, ones as it would also help counterfeiters to be more aware. However, here are some pointers that could help you identify an authentic Hermes bag:

Embossed Logo

    So, the first thing to check on the bag is Hermes' embossed logo. The logo is stamped on the front of the bag, below the stitching. The heat/embossed stamped logo should read “Hermes Paris, Made in France.” this should be written in three lines, with each line font getting smaller. Also, the writing must be in block letters with equal spacing. Since the logo is embossed onto the leather, it may get affected. A few letters of the logo may appear lighter than the others, but it is not a defect. 

    However, the fake one may not be as elegant as the real one in appearance. It will have a pressed-in logo letter with inconsistent font and spacing. Also, the letter “E” in Hermes may be absent or appear very thin.  


      The quality of leather used in authentic Hermes bags is extremely high. Different variations of original leather and premium skins are used to craft these bags. Furthermore, each bag goes through sources, and tanning processes are also different, so they have their own unique set of characteristics. Now, if you see, one authentic Birkin bag may have different veins than the other. Such small imperfections are not unusual in Hermes bags, but this also does not indicate counterfeiting. 

      In comparison, fake Hermes bags are perfect in appearance. The scales on every premium skin bag are different, making each bag unique. So, a counterfeited bag is highly textured with abnormal consistency. 


        On real Hermès bags, the metal hardware is always polished or plated in a genuine precious metal, usually palladium or gold. You might discover brushed gold, rose gold, or ruthenium finishes on rare bags. New bags include a plastic barrier around the hardware. HERMS-PARIS is etched on the plaques, or hardware, on the sangles of the Birkin and Kelly bags. After the word PARIS on gold-plated bags, there is a small box with teeny-tiny lettering within that needs a loupe to read. On bags that are palladium-plated, this box is absent.

        Then, if you look at the real ones, it is impossible to replicate the hardware as it is. The rivet holding the hardware at its position, placed at the top can never be copied in its original shape. The fake one’s hardware will be much lighter and cheaper.  Although the engraving's typeface and spacing may differ in the original ones, fake Hermès bags cannot have the same writing as the real thing.


          Authentic Hermes bags are carefully crafted and hand-stitched. Since it is hand-stitched, the chances of inconsistency are higher and the stitching will not be symmetrical around the bag. This does not mean it is defective, but it shows the authenticity and luxuriousness of the bag. Even though Hermès stitches are single, there may be some double stitches, especially on the clochette and the backside of the bag where the handles are joined. Hermès stitches often have a small upward slant. Don't be alarmed if there are imperfections in the stitching under the flap, where Hermès artisans complete the bag.

          However, fake Hermes bags have uniformed straight stitches as they are machine stitched. Hermes' designers use the two-needle technique, which is impossible to copy. Then, Hermes has a saddle stitch, so this is another way to identify the authenticity of the bag. 

          The dust bag 

            The new Birkin includes a matching tiny dust bag for the clochette in addition to the standard dust bag. The dust bag will have a high, precise stitch count and be of the same high quality as the bag itself. Depending on the year, the dust bag will have a different color. If you look closely, you can see that the typeface for the H and the circle that surrounds it are different from the actual dust bag logo, which has a double circle on the exterior. In the real picture, there are two lines underneath the horse and wagon, but there is only one line in the phony picture.

            Now that you know how to authenticate a Hermes Birkin bag, it will get difficult to get fooled. Always be on the look-out for replicas and to be extra sure, you can shop at Dallas Designer HandbagsFollowing are some plus points that make Dallas Designer Handbags the best online choice.

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