Christian Dior: Couturier du Reve


We must admit that The devil wears Prada and Gossip girl are responsible for our introduction and eventual obsession with the House of Dior. The legendary French couturier Christian Dior is best known for his eponymous fashion house often referred to as just Dior often synonymous with beauty and luxury. From Rita Hayworth to Ava Gardener and Princess Margaret, every woman who was any woman wanted to be dressed by the designer of dreams. To this day, Dior’s handbags and Dior wallets are the embodiment of Christian Dior’s vision of elegance, romanticism, and beauty and are a staple in every modern woman’s wardrobe. 


Lady Dior - The iconic handbag with a royal destiny 


Originally launched in 1994 without any official name, the Lady Dior bag was made famous around the world by the beloved Diana, Princess of Wales. Lady Di was a fashion icon and she singlehandedly propelled Dior’s most iconic bag into mainstream popularity. It’s rich history aside, it’s easy to see why the Lady Dior bag is so universally loved and has retained it’s iconic status for more than two decades. We are obsessed with it’s sleek femininity. Dior’s elegant characteristic cannage stitching, the round top handle, the rectangular rigid structure, and the D.I.O.R charm letters are what make the Lady Dior bag so iconic and luxurious. 

The Lady Dior bag is the real OG of the fashion world. It’s so effortlessly elegant and traditional and we love the old world charm it adds to every outfit it’s worn with. Even after all these years, if Dior’s iconic creation has managed to reign supreme in the fashion world, we’d say - and you would have to agree with us - that it’s an investment worth making! 


Mini Lady Dior Bag:  Good things come in small packages 


The Mini Lady Dior bag is perfect for the modern fashionista who’s on the go. We absolutely adore this compact, lightweight version of the classic, timeless and iconic Lady Dior handbag. It’s a highly versatile piece and can be worn in a number of ways. We think this size is the perfect spicy spin on an otherwise traditional bag. Show off your Mini Lady Dior bag on a night out on the town or to a formal occasion and wow the masses!  


Dior saddle bag - A reignited love affair 


From Paris Hilton to Beyoncé and Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw, the funky Dior saddlebag was seen on the shoulder of every fashionista in the early 2000’s. Two decades later and the once a Dior vintage bag has been revived by Maria Grazia Chiuri by putting her own contemporary twist to the iconic silhouette while still retaining its original glitz and glamour.

Seen on the arms of the fashion industry’s darling like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, it’s safe to say that the Dior saddle handbag is back in the spotlight and is going to stay there for a very long time! So what are you waiting for? Embrace the 2000’s nostalgia that’s rampant in the fashion industry and bring our your inner Carrie Bradshaw by getting your hands on the newly revived It-bag. 


Christian Dior tote bag: Travel in style  


 Designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, the Christian Dior tote bag is the epitome of casual elegance. The House of Dior’s latest breakout star is seen on the arm of every celebrity at the airport and we can see why! The roomy interior of the customisable Christian Dior tote bag makes for a perfect travel companion with the Bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra even using it as an everyday bag! With new renditions of the bag coming out every season, the Dior tote bag is new hot accessory that you need to get your hands on! Show off your loyalty to the brand by pairing the bag with a Dior wallet! 


Dior Backpack: A marriage of style and functionality 


If you think that backpacks are just a nerdy school or college accessory, think again. We’ve noticed that lately they have become a staple in the designer bag culture. The legendary French fashion house, Dior, has also hopped onto the bandwagon by bringing luxury to the once geeky accessory. We love how they’ve combined streetwear and luxury with the KAWS x Dior backpack and how they’ve repurposed the cult favourite Dior saddle bag with the equestrian themed Saddle Dior Backpack. 


Dior Crossbody bag: The transitional piece of the decade 


We love Crossbody bags! They’re so chic and versatile. They carry all your essentials and are such a fun and hip addition to any outfit. One of our favourites to style and play around with are probably the Dior crossbody bags. From the Diorama bag to the Lady Dior bag, Dior Crossbody bags spice up any outfit they’re worn with and transition easily from day to night. You’ll also find Dior wallets inspired by these bags. If you need any more convincing, just look at how the It-girls Chiara Ferragni, Bella Hadid and Olivia Palermo style there’s and we guarantee you that you’ll be sold! 


Vintage Dior Bags: A fashion lover’s dream  


Who doesn’t love a good vintage find tucked away in the corner of a dainty little shop and honestly what better way to spend your money than splashing it on a uniquely made vintage Dior bag. Dior is known all over the world for it’s sophisticated design heritage and that’s exactly why a vintage Dior bag like the Lady Dior bag or the Dior saddle bag is every street style star’s dream. The latest trendy bag is seen on the arm of every girl who follows the trend but we think there’s no better way to carve out your identity and be the trendsetter instead of following one with a vintage bag that expresses your individuality.

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