A complete guide to expensive Louis Vuitton leather and canvases

" From the original prints to the modern additions, get to know all of Louis Vuitton's classic canvases, leathers, and textiles in this quick-read guide. Plus, shop authentic preloved Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories. "

There isn’t a Louis Vuitton enthusiast alive who wouldn’t recognize the classic patterns and Louis Vuitton leather prints. From the most coveted Louis Vuitton handbags with Monogram canvas to Damier and Azur prints to the extravagant skin textures, the fashion mecca boasts meticulous craftsmanship and exponential designs emanating originality while staying close to its roots. The Louis Vuitton handbags and purses flaunt a persistent take on innovation by consistently adding novel signatures and Louis Vuitton materials to their lineup. Blending the classic Louis Vuitton handbag materials with artists and designer collaborations, whilst overhauling some of its original Louis Vuitton leather handbags, the brand stays true to the world of elegance, innovation and inspiration.

Emanating the versatile names of Louis Vuitton patterns and unique textures, not to mention the variations of each, the fashion house exudes a dynamic arsenal of the real catwalk that doesn’t detract from its nobility. Seeking to offer its valuable customers the best Louis Vuitton handbags and purses, the iconic brand diligently pays attention to the durability of the Louis Vuitton purse’s material.

Delving a little deeper to facilitate you in authenticating LV leather handbags and canvases we will guide you through the inventory of Louis Vuitton materials and textiles while you make your purchase from the preloved market. If you are looking to overhaul your wardrobe with genuine precluded Louis Vuitton handbags and purses Dallas Designer handbags is an authenticated hub featuring modern designs with unparalleled functionality without breaking your bank account.


Struggling against the counterfeits, Louis Vuitton meticulously manufactured patterns specifically to foil them. Influenced by the Raye canvas, flaunting the dark checkerboard canvas, Damier is the first signature Louis Vuitton material created in 1888, even before the iconic monogram coated canvas. It is a French expression for the checkerboard. Unlike the coveted Louis Vuitton leather handbags, the Damier is a man-made material made of plain-woven fabric. To deter imitations of the canvas it bore a logo that reads "marque L. Vuitton déposée" (LV’s first registered trademark).

The checkerboard is quintessentially a signature feature that looks explicitly luxurious on some of the colorful reinterpretations of classic monograms featuring Louis Vuitton multicolor bags. Moreover, the vibrant colors of these Louis Vuitton multicolor bags allured the multigenerational fan base and made their way into the arms of Hollywood celebs like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson.

Damier Ebene

In 1996, the Damier Canvas was reintroduced in the glam industry in Ebene color, featuring the mesmerizing neutral brown shade which still captures the limelight on the LV shelves and is now printed on the black canvas featuring Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Textured, water repellent, and enduring, this classic Louis Vuitton cowhide purse handles are meticulously crafted from untreated cowhide leather trimmings known as Vachetta to avoid cracks.

Damier Azur

Launched in 2006, the new interpretation of the Damier canvas accented the Damier Azur collection that is utterly classic yet casually subtle. Taking us to the celebrated shores of the French Riviera this Louis Vuitton material is a meticulous blend of blue hues with a white checkerboard overlay.

Monogram canvas

To make it more cumbersome to replicate the silhouette, George Vuitton fabricated a canvas bearing bold graphics, a pattern that was instantly recognizable and unrivaled. Displaying the Louis Vuitton logo, circles, flowers, and quatrefoils, all arranged in a specific order this design of the Louis Vuitton handbags and purses was a nod to Japanese and Oriental artistry, widely popular in the late Victorian era.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Handbags

Oozing luxury and comfort, the Louis Vuitton Monogram handbags are resistant to scratches, stains, water, and are extremely rugged. They are merely an incarnation of experimentation with new designs that reflect times, and trends including collaboration with versatile designers like Stephen Sprouse who introduced the Louis Vuitton handbags and purses in vivid graffiti style fonts printed over the majestic Monogram canvas.

In addition to that, it was a shock for many people to know that this material of the Louis Vuitton purse is a cotton canvas that is coated with PVC and is often mistaken for leather due to its pebbled texture. But in the end, it is the diligent craftsmanship of the artisans where your investment in the Louis Vuitton handbags and purses lies -undergoing more than 100 stages of production before the Louis Vuitton handbag hits the retail shelves.

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather

Inspired by the Louis Vuitton custom-designed travel pieces fabricated with grained leather in the 1920s, and followed by the demand for a more structured aesthetic, Louis Vuitton launched its signature Louis Vuitton epi leather in 1985.

Flaunting a plethora of hues in noir, rose, nacre, and a rogue these LV epi bags are more than just a marvel for the modern-day women. These Louis Vuitton handbags and purses are dyed and printed with a 3D wave pattern bolstered with the punch of a matching topcoat that induces a graphic two-toned effect making it hardwearing. Not only this, these Louis Vuitton Epi leather bags are water-resistant and scuff proof boasting a structured silhouette that is utterly luxurious and the epitome of class.


Nothing can beat the sultry, smooth, and shiny finesse of the Louis Vuitton patent leather bags. Released in virtually every color of the rainbow in 1998 March Jacobs came up with his own exotic creation. Originally launched in the pastel palette, the calfskin leather etched with the LV monogram was coated with a patent finish that Jacob later called Vernis –meaning varnish in French. Emanating the glossy texture, the Louis Vuitton material caught the attention of women for its feminine aesthetics, gleaming finish, extravagantly vivacious semblance, and sturdy leather. It is essential to be vigilant while taking your Louis Vuitton patent leather bags for a stroll, as they can be scratched and chipped easily.

Empreinte Leather

Exuding the recent addition to the Louis Vuitton cannon, these Louis Vuitton leather purses were launched in 2010. Accentuating the drummed texture, the Louis Vuitton monogram cross body bags featured buttery soft calfskin leather embossed with the LV monogram in an oversized print for a more defined and subtle semblance.

Before being used, the leather undergoes an extensive treatment, where it is dyed and enriched with tannins and is drummed a few times to yield that natural grained appearance. Known for its less rigid and extra-supple feel, this Louis Vuitton material continues to be in the limelight for its durability and ruggedness.


For a more subtle nod to the brand, the Mahina line is inspired by the crescent and phases of the moon. Introduced in 2007, the Louis Vuitton Mahina bag notched up the brand’s fashion sense with a flicker of novelty and a hint of heritage. Exquisitely made from the drummed leather and etched with the meticulous perforations in the classic Monogram pattern, Mahina is an expression for lunar deity in Polynesian culture. Especially sought after on the Hobo bags this Louis Vuitton material is characterized by a thick and supple leather texture that is extremely soft to touch.

Whether you yearn for a classic beauty that screams timelessness or you are more of a bold person who enjoys experimenting with the limited editions crafted from the expensive and exotic skins like crocodile, ostrich, alligator, or lizard for the most luxurious finishes. The idea is to acquaint yourself with versatile designs and textures before making the splurge.

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