10 Useful Tips on How to Spot Fake Oakley Sunglasses

10 Useful Tips on How to Spot Fake Oakley Sunglasses

Sunglasses made by famous brands and designers can have a price tag starting from a couple of hundred dollars and go up to a couple of thousand dollars. Being one of the leading eyewear brands, Oakley offers some of the best sunglasses for the public.

Since the eyewear market is a big business, it is full of Fakely’s or Fake Oakley sunglasses and when you’re investing in such a super expensive pair of sunglasses, you should know how to spot fake Oakley sunglasses so that you know what you’re getting into. This blog aims to provide you with proper guidance regarding how to spot fake Oakley sunglasses so that your money isn’t wasted.

How to Tell If Oakley’s Are Fake?

Listed down below are some of the general rules that can be used to recognise original Oakley sunglasses.

Check the Price

One of the most obvious ways to differentiate real Oakleys vs fake is by how much you’re going to pay for it. Original Oakley sunglasses won’t be priced below $50 (if they are used) and a minimum of $80 if they are new. However, the price may vary from model to model.

If someone is offering a price that is far below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, then there is a high probability of the product being fake. Hence, it is always best to double check the price against the retail price at any authentic outlet. If you’re choosing to buy a used pair of Oakley’s, you can check the market for what other people having the same frames are offering.

Check the Spelling

Easy, yet effective, this way is another one that can be helpful on how to spot fake Oakley sunglasses. Cheap sellers who try to copy the brand would name their own brand somewhat similar to the original brand.

The duplicates may misspell the word as “Oakely”, Oaklay” or “Oakly” and due to the similarity in the word, many people will mistake it as the original Oakley. When you encounter a situation like this, consider it to be a dead giveaway to turn around and run.

Keep in mind that the original Oakley brand will have the name clearly spelt out with proper and appropriate markings.

Check the Authenticity of The Model

Checking the authenticity of the model is another way of how to spot fake Oakley sunglasses. Sometimes people print the original brand name but make a model that is not originally made by the brand. In order to tackle such a situation, you can perform a quick Google search. This would clear it out for you if the brand ever produced the model that you’re going to buy or not.

Checking the authenticity to know about real Oakleys vs fake is not just limited to checking if the model exists or not. It also means that you would have to compare the model that you’re going to buy with the one that is shown online on an authentic sellers’ website or on the official Oakley website. If there is difference between both of the models, that is a clear signal that you’re opting for fake Oakley sunglasses.

Check the Content

Brands have a worldwide recognition and have to maintain an image in the market so that no seller could replicate them. In doing so, they give out proper boxes, cases and cleaning cloths as well as warranty papers or some other similar paperwork along with their products. This gives them not one, but two advantages.

  1. They maintain their image in the market
  2. The customer is satisfied that the product he bought was authentic
  • Retail Box:

    The original Oakley sunglasses would come in a retail box that would be made out of premium materials hence, it would have a premium feel. Another way of identifying if the box is original or not is to carefully inspect all of the prints and images on the packaging and cross check it with the official brand. You can also match the product information written on the box to the product that is inside the box to know whether you have genuine Oakley sunglasses or not.

  • Warranty or Other Paperwork:

    Whenever you purchase a product from a reputed brand, it is important that you go through the paperwork. Same is the case with Oakley and this proves to be another way of how to spot fake Oakley sunglasses.

    You are advised to go through the papers received with your product and scan for any misspellings or red flags. This is a useful and effective technique that proves to be a way to recognise original designer sunglasses and spot fake designer sunglasses.

  • Cleaning Cloth or Case:

    Original Oakley sunglasses always come packed in a microfiber pouch or a high-quality hard case and usually, both of these have the original Oakley logo. However, the absence of this logo doesn’t indicate that you have bought fake Oakley’s.

    In addition to the pouch or case, a cleaning cloth is also included.

Lookup the SKU Code

Every product that is available in the market has a unique SKU code or the Stock Keeping Unit Code. These numbers are helpful in determining if the product is authentic and original or not. Keeping that in mind, original Oakley sunglasses also come with their unique Oakley serial numbers. These Oakley serial numbers often start with “OO” followed by alphanumeric codes on modern pairs and a series of numbers separated by hyphens on older or vintage pairs.

If you’re unsure that the product that you’ve bought is original or not, you can always get in touch with the customer care representatives of the brand, tell them the SKU code asking them to verify if the product is original or not. Confirming the originality of the product directly from the brand can prove to be an effective way of how to spot fake Oakley sunglasses.

Beware of The Sticker

In order to portray their product as original, some sellers use the technique of printing out unnecessary stickers and sticking it to their sunglasses. The authentic Oakley sunglasses that feature polarized lenses may come with a small P sticker on either of the lenses. Except that one P sticker, there won’t be any other sticker on the lenses.

To summarize it, legitimate stickers will only be there to provide information regarding the lenses. Another point to keep in mind is that many sellers often print out a single “O” and stick it to either of the lenses. This is a clear sign that the sunglasses are fake. Hence, identifying the right stickers is another way of how to spot fake Oakley sunglasses.

Inspect the Ear Sock

Inspection of the ear sock is one of the ways of how to tell if Oakley’s are real. The ear socks on the fake Oakley’s are quite thinner and may tend to slide on and off very easily. This often happens because they are made out of cheap quality plastic.

In addition to that, a gap can also be noticed between the frame and ear socks because the parts are not professionally aligned together. This acts as one of the ways of how to spot fake Oakley sunglasses.

Other than that, another way of telling whether you have bought original Oakley sunglasses is that the ear socks would be properly cut and would fit to the frame perfectly.

Noticing the Size

Size is also one of the contributing factors that help in determining how to spot fake Oakley sunglasses. There is no doubt in the fact that the people who produce fake Oakley glasses want to save on the materials, hence, they make the sunglasses smaller in size as compared to the real Oakley’s.

Frame Material

Sometimes individuals often mistake the authentic Oakley sunglasses by observing a slight difference in frame material. The brand often produces the same model of sunglasses in a number of materials so that the customer has a variety of choices.

For example, the Jupiter Squared comes in a plastic frame whereas the Jupiter Carbon comes in a metal frame. Since the shape is almost exactly identical, one must think of either one of them to be fake.

To clear this misunderstanding, you can always check the official website of Oakley to confirm whether the frame material you’re going to buy is produced or not.

Evaluation of The Craftsmanship

The evaluation of the craftsmanship is another way of how to spot fake Oakley sunglasses. In order to do this, you can perform a quick visual assessment of the quality of the product. In majority of the cases, taking a simple glance at the product will give you an idea whether it is original or not.

You can also hold the glasses to get an in-hand feel of how they are constructed. Not only will the fake ones have issues such as flimsy hinges or loose lenses but they will also feel cheap in the hand.

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