Spring/Summer Handbag Trends 2021 - It’s All About The Details

Carry your essentials in style

They say you can tell a lot about a woman by the handbag she carries. We bring you all the hottest handbag trends 2021! this season and we’ll walk you through all you need to know. Buying a designer bag may seem like spending a lot of money but with proper research you can find something that will last you a while and is well worth the investment. Even if you wear an expensive outfit, a cheap purse can make it look tacky.Take notes because you’re about to get all up to the minute information for all summer 2021 trends! To make it easy we have given our top three handbags from two trending designers to make your choices easier for handbag trends 2021!

From drab to fab in seconds!

Handbag trends 2021 are fresh and fabulous. A creative way to spice up your outfit without constantly having to invest in new clothes is by getting a statement bag that makes everything look expensive. Uplift your summer wardrobe by investing in Gucci spring summer 2021 bags and make your plain white t-shirt and jeans outfit look chic and expensive. When in doubt, opt for a statement handbag and be ready to take on your day.

This season, it’s all about the details

Winter is finally over and it’s time to bring out all your warm weather favorites. The monotone looks are now going to be pretty and printed. Do not let your clothes be the only fresh thing this summer; complete your wardrobe by getting the latest summer handbags to get the ultimate look! The new-in handbag trends 2021 are coming your way and they are here to stay! Spring summer 2021 fashion trends are incomplete without MCM designer handbags. The trends of neutral colors from last season will still be in vogue, but the spring and summer pastels are also in full bloom; seen everywhere from the ramp to the streets.

All about the spring 2021 handbag trends

Chain it in

Chunky chain straps are making a comeback. You will be seeing a lot more of the classic chain straps to add a slight edge and a lot more character to a simple slouchy pouch bag to add a feminine touch. It is an ultimate favorite amongst the handbag trends 2021 for street style icons and are seen every now and then on a famous personality.

Summer shoulder bags

Finally some handbag trends 2021 that are casual and convenient yet in vogue at the same time! Opt for a slouchy leather bag with a shoulder strap to make your casual errands look stylish and head-turning. This is one trend we are super excited for this season is summer shoulder bags. A bag that serves look and purpose at once!

Summer crossbody bag

This fun and cute style has been around for a while yet we cannot seem to get enough of it! There is just something so dainty and feminine about this a summer crossbody bag that it just never goes out of style. Sling one over your summer dress and you’re ready to hit the road. Fun arrays of colors that are a go-to, the big colors this season are a fun yellow and bubblegum pink. These in a small bag will make it to handbag trends 2021.

Our top three designers for summer handbags

Chanel spring summer 2021 bags

Chanel crossbody bags have been an absolute statement in handbag trends 2021. The clean cut and classic design is all you need if you are looking to make a foolproof investment and are trying to keep it simple yet lux. From celebrities to influencers, everyone seems to be in love with the Chanel chain bags this season. We have picked out our top favorites that you should try for yourself if you want a handbag that will stick around for a while.

  • Gabrielle Brasserie Menu Flap

    This clutch bag is an absolute dream. Green has been the IT color for handbag trends 2021 and this rich green and black bag is everything you need to stand out and make a statement this summer. The maroon leather accent inside the bag gives it just the right finish to pull the whole look together. The lightweight chain strap will ensure all-day long comfort. It’s big enough to carry all essentials without being too huge.

    Gabrielle Brasserie Menu Flap

    Unique features:

    - It is made from premium Calfskin leather
    - Measuring at the ideal dimensions of D 3.5", W 6" H 4.5"
    - Made in France

  • Medium Coco

    This timeless and elegant shoulder bag from Chanel screams fashion. The subtle caviar leather quilting and lizard handle give it the touch of snazzy edge you seek. The bag makes it to our handbag trends 2021 for the ideal sizing, minimalistic design and flawless finish. It goes with almost all possible outfits. Feel free to dress it up or down according to the look you are aiming for.

    Medium Coco

    Unique features:

    - This is a beautiful top handle shoulder bag design
    - Manufactured in Italy
    - Made from Caviar leather
    - It measures at an ideal W 12.5" H 8.75" D 3.75

  • Small Boy Chevron

    To change things a little and opt for something a little different from the classic designs, this bag is our go-to. Everything from the material to the pattern to the color is extraordinary and creates an opulent and intriguing statement. The thick leather shoulder patch combined with the rustic chain adds all the old age charm to this masterpiece of a bag. Pair it up with dresses or rompers for a girly and fun attire.

    Small Boy Chevron

    Unique features:

    - A trendy shoulder bag
    - Manufactured from cotton and mixed fibers
    - A fun pink colo
    - An ideal size that measures to L 8" D 3.5" H 4.5"

Louis Vuitton spring summer 2021 bags

LV has been a big name in designer handbag trends 2021. It makes it on our list today for a few fun and unique summer bags that are not only trendy but also unique and tasteful. Everything from a backpack to a shoulder bag has been spotted and we love it. Narrowing down the best has been a tricky pick, but we have found our favorites and want you to try them out for yourself.

  • Sistina GM

    This leather handbag is slouchy and big with a shoulder strap. The short strap, leather finish and gold buckles check the boxes for all current trends rising this summer. If you are looking to buy something that screams high-end, this is the way to go. The neutral browns give it a unique flair and pairs with everything perfectly. This checks all the boxes for the latest handbag trends 2021.

    Sistina GM

    Unique features:

    - Manufactured from Damier Ebene
    - Made in Spain
    - A neutral brown shoulder bag
    - An ideal size L 18.5" H 11.4" D 5.9"

  • Petit Sac Plat Monogram Canvas Shoulder Bag

    Small bags have been a big part of handbag trends 2021. This monogram shoulder bag is great if you only like to carry your phone and keys when you leave the house. This delicate bag is great to look at but to add to it, it is durable and can fit more than you would assume. It is mainly going to be big for street fashion this summer and is just the bag you should invest in if you are looking for something small. It adds an elevated feel to your overall outfit and the change it makes is what made us use this bag.

    Petit Sac Plat Monogram Canvas Shoulder Bag

    Unique features:

    - Made in France
    - Manufactured from the classic monogram canvas
    - Measures at L 5.5" H 6.7" D 2"
    - Brown in color

  • Artsy MM Empreinte Leather Shoulder Bag

    This pristine handbag is a smart pick if you are looking for something spacious and comfortable to carry. It is safe to say that spending on this classic without a second thought will not leave you with any regrets.It is very popular in handbag trends 2021. We love a classic black color in this design to make it easy to pair with absolutely anything.

    Artsy MM Empreinte Leather Shoulder Bag

    Unique features:

    - Incredibly spacious, great for travel
    - Manufactured from Empreinte Leather
    - Made in the USA
    - It measures at L 16" H 12.5" D 7"

  • Victoire

    If you are looking to add some edge to an outfit and enjoy a pop of color, this is the model we recommend in navy blue for you to try out. There is something so regal about this piece that we just could not leave it out of our handbag trends 2021. This one is more of a casual everyday bag to hold everything you need for the day. Navy blue is such a statement color and when paired with a gold chain, it is everything you need to stay on top of your style game this summer season.


    Unique features:

    - Rich brown/navy color
    - Monogram canvas material
    - A crossbody bag
    - Made in France
    - Measures at W10.25" D 3.5" H 7

A bag is a long-term investment so above all, make sure whatever style you opt for corresponds to your very own personal taste.

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