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TAG Heuer Accessories

Now widely known for manufacturing exceptional timepieces, TAG Heuer accessories actually found its roots as devoted timekeepers for aircrafts and automobiles alike. 160 years later, these luxury watchmakers have perfected the art of keeping time by seamlessly merging function with fashion. To own a TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch is so much more than just a nod to fast cars, it's an ode to them. With so many years of expertise and commitment under their belt, TAG Heuer fashion accessories are here to stay. And today, while you browse through their collection, we will help you understand why that is the case.

Time well spent:

TAG Heuer watches for men and women
Of course, any TAG Heuer accessories collection page would remain incomplete without a mention of what made them famous in the first place. Watches may just rest on your wrist but their form, shape, size, and comfort all play a huge part on what it means to be on time. With TAG Heuer watches, customization goes hand in hand so that everyone finds their personal timepiece. The most popular collections in the TAG Heuer watches for women and men alike include:

1) TAG Heuer Carrera:
An ode to race tracks, this TAG Heuer accessories range is the perfect fit for sports car drivers and fanatics alike. The signature chronograph that this company is famous for is part of every watch design.
At high speeds, the stop watch is easily readable and is a true must-have for experts on the track. To make things even better, this timepiece is available in a range of colors, finishes, and sizes. Whether your favourite color is green, blue, or red, the choice is entirely yours. For women, the same watch gets a unique twist. Available in a multitude of alligator leather strap options, like purple or taupe, the TAG Heuer Carrera for women emanates grandeur. For added brilliance, this watch includes a mother of pearl dial along with diamond indexes. All things considered, this watch is the perfect way to express your devotion to your loved ones.

2) TAG Heuer Connected:
On the smart watches end of the spectrum, these TAG Heuer rubber watch bands are the ultimate showstoppers. Not only do these watches boast TAG Heuer’s signature sportiness, but they also manage to look a little under the surface. Connection is guaranteed when this innovative product comes with such high-tech gear. GPS, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, step-count, and heart rate sensor are some of the few things that make this smartwatch so unique. Accuracy, reliability, and healthier lifestyle choices are what this watch brings to the table. Whether you spend most of your time in the gym or running to and from meetings, this wardrobe addition will not disappoint. For many, if the rubber band style isn’t ideal, switching it up with a steel bracelet can give it that classic TAG Heuer stainless steel automatic watch look too. The incredible range of colors and styles within this collection also makes this TAG Heuer accessory a perfect addition for any woman’s wardrobe too.

3) TAG Heuer Formula1:
Another popular choice within the TAG Heuer accessories range is the Formula1 collection. Taking heavy inspiration from the Formula1 drive makes this watch a design that can withstand everyday wear and tear, as well as a whole lot more.

The sports car inspired notches also afford this watch a signature, elegant feel that only TAG Heuer can do justice to. The exceptional road-tested, quartz powered hardware that goes behind these pieces make this TAG Heuer accessory easily wearable over racing gear. The day and night feature further allows the internal index of this watch to be legible with or without light. For the race car driver and his dimly lit car interiors that make visibility a hindrance, this watch is the perfect inclusion. TAG Heuer nato straps are also a sought-after customizable feature that many people opt for when purchasing. Moreover, this range also prides itself for its inclusivity, allowing women many options to choose from as well. Brushed blue dials combined with silver toned details or mother-of-pearl dial combined with diamond indexes, either way, the choice is entirely hers.

Seeing is believing:

TAG Heuer eyeglasses that don’t quit
A lesser known, but just as exceptional, piece within the TAG Heuer accessories range is their eyewear. TAG Heuer glasses were made to endure and that much is evident within all the features they included in their design.
Any one of their frames are meant to be worn during strenuous activity and are ideal for all fitness and sport enthusiasts out there. The elastomer temple grip of their Reflex 3 optic collection, for instance, uses gentle pressure to remain on your temples. These glasses vow not to slip, no matter how much you move around. By entirely avoiding the use of heavy frames for supporting its glass, The TAG Heuer rimless glasses promise full visibility. Wearing frames without feeling like one is wearing them, for many, is the absolute dream. And in signature TAG Heuer style, eyewear can take that bold leap when it comes to color choices. For us, aspiring to have the confidence to sport their classic red eyewear is what life is all about.

Before your purchase:

TAG Heuer accessories can be yours today
In our opinion, TAG Heuer pieces will always remain a timeless trend. The quality and expertise that goes behind each of their accessories are perhaps what makes them so sought after. However, that is not without a price. Fortunately, at Dallas Designer Handbags, we vow to provide affordability and authenticity so that you too can enjoy the luxuries of life. Find TAG Heuer watches or eyeglasses on sale easily and reap all the benefits their products can provide. No matter what you purchase from their exceptional range, rest assured, it will become a permanent part of your life. If one thing is for certain, it is perhaps the realization that time waits for no one. So what are you waiting for then?
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