5 Best Wallets for Women in 2021 - Organize in style

Organize in style

A wallet should be two things; stylish and viable. It may be a smaller accessory in size, but it represents power and makes a statement like none other. This season, getting rid of your plain old one and investing a high-end good quality wallet is just the change you need! We’ve compiled a simple and informative guide to help you locate the best wallets for women with perfect ease! Follow along for all the styles and brands are making it big in 2021 and reshaping the world of fashion.

Things to know before getting a designer wallet

  • First things first, consider selecting a comfortable price point.
  • List down some of your basic requirements that you need in a wallet.
  • It’s okay to shop something trendy! You don’t always need a staple item.
  • Explore your options, shop responsibly and look for cheap designer wallets, consider buying pre-loved.
  • Only shop from authorized retailers or trustworthy websites to ensure authenticity.
  • Know the return and exchange policies before making a purchase.
  • First things first, consider selecting a comfortable price point.
  • The most expensive doesn’t mean it’s your perfect fit!

The material counts!

If you are in search of luxury wallets for women to invest in, the first thing to look into is the material. Keep an eye out for where the item was manufactured and assembled. Some materials may be pretty to look at but lack longevity. Leather is considered a great material in making the best wallets for women; however, it depends on the type of leather used.

All leather isn’t good leather

If you are looking for exceptional quality designer wallets for women, consider either full-grain leather or top-grain leather. These are the most durable, expensive (but well worth it) and will last you the longest without any chipping. Don’t go for anything that is made from genuine leather or bonded leather as it is delicate, cheap and falls apart in no time.

Trending styles for this year

Now for the most exciting part of it all, the best wallets for women and why you need them! 2021 is all about minimalistic yet uniquely detailed accents to make a statement. You’ll find everything from blacks and neutrals to a fun pop of color for the ones who want to try something fun.


It is no surprise that Prada leather wallets are on top of the list! The quality, space and organizational capacity you get remains unmatched. Prada is a big name in making the best wallets for women and every year there’s something new and unexpected introduced to the market. If you are looking to invest in a wallet but are unsure, this is probably the safest route to go.

  • Prada wallet on chain

    The Prada wallet on chain style has been taking the market by a storm. And we aren’t upset! The sleek, stylish and spacious design is made to carry all your essentials and keep them protected and organized. Do check for an authenticity card to avoid being scammed and ensure an authentic product. The chain link straps have been seen trending globally. Prada perfectly captures the essence of modern day utility and a timeless style.

    Here’s why we recommend it:

    - It doubles as a crossbody bag
    - It is spacious enough to fit more than just money and business cards
    - The classic Saffiano Leather is made to last
    - You can get any color from a fun red to a classic black!

  • Saffiano Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

    If you are looking for something more compact yet durable, this is the way to go. The Prada bifold wallet has a minimalistic logo detailing and textured leather outlook to add an extra oomph. It is made in Italy and has an ideal size that measures to W 5" H 4" D 2". When it comes to the best wallets for women, this is one of our top picks.

Louis Vuitton

A name known for producing luggage bags and wallets. The classic monogram canvas gives the brand a unique identity. A Louis Vuitton item can surely be recognized from miles away. A brand that has always adapted and molded according to the needs of the buyers and made the best wallets for women. It is a brand that not only is on trend, but is a trendsetter in its truest sense.

  • Louis Vuitton zippy compact wallet

    When it comes to a louis Vuitton women’s wallet the options are endless. However, we have managed to pick one to count amongst the best wallets for women. This beautiful organizer wallet made from Damier Ebene is true to the brand's identity. The wallet has multiple card holder slots and a secure zipper closure to keep your valuables safely stored.

    What makes this one of the best wallets for women:

    - The canvas is cotton coated, which means it is completely water resistant.
    - It requires minimum maintenance and is super easy to clean.
    - It is the ideal size for everyday use.
    - The wallet is durable! You don’t have to be worried about keeping it for special occasions only.
    - It is a timeless classic, a style statement that never goes wrong.


Chanel produces the best wallets for women in all aspects imaginable. From style to functionality, Chanel has this one in the bag! From fashion magazines to the streets, a Chanel item can be seen in all its glory. They make everything from perfumes and handbags to clothing and accessories.

  • Chanel boy bag

    The Chanel boy bag is a classic! The thick sturdy exterior with quilted details and a chain strap are hard not to like. Not a newer style, but it is still one of the best wallets for women till date!.

    • Chanel mini flap bag

    We love a good lambskin leather bag that’s quilted and that’s the material we recommend! The small size of it makes for the most perfect Chanel flap wallet. The Chanel classic flap closure ensures maximum storage and easy access while adding a delicate design detail worth looking at. The skinny shoulder strap makes it easy to carry.

    Why we recommend a Chanel flap bag:

    - The chain details are a trend for this season.
    - You can get all colors imaginable!
    - It is the perfect size for all your daily essentials.
    - You can go for silver or gold hardware depending on what you prefer.


In the world of fancy designers, Gucci upped their style statement by recently coming out with a fun line for younger customers, removing the stigma around the brand being for a more mature audience. The Gucci items are known for the classic stripe, and a unique attention to embellishments. They inarguably make some of the best wallets for women. The Gucci marmont wallet on a chain bag has all our attention.

  • Gucci marmont mini

    On our countdown for the best wallets for women, Gucci marmont small and mini are top contenders. Both the bags are similar, however differ in dimensions. So you have two size variations to pick from, depending on your preference and space requirements. A Gucci wallet is fashion forward, trendy and can elevate an outfit in seconds.

    Gucci Marmont Matelasse mini vs small

    - Starting from an obvious difference, the size. A small is bigger than the mini.
    - The mini is great if you do not carry a lot of things, the small has more space.
    - The mini is more of a nighttime appropriate option whereas the small can work for everyday use.
    - The mini is more on-trend, but a small is a timeless classic you can use more often.

  • Gucci marmont velvet

    For the best wallets for women, our next recommendation is a variation of our precious pick. The velvet marmounts are beautifully lined with luxury silk on the inside. This protects your valuables inside from any damage or scratches while adding to the beauty of the bag. The velvet exterior is not as heavy as the classic ones so it is easier and lighter to carry which is always a huge plus! Nothing screams high-end better than a velvet bag!


In recent years, the brand Fendi has established and maintained a name for producing avant-garde statement pieces and bold choice of patterns and silhouettes. It’s only fair to include perhaps one of the finest options for the best wallets for women.

  • Fendi continental wallet on chain

    Enjoy a beautiful nappa leather emboss logo all over the bag with a classic fendi buckle to pull it all together. This style is available in all colors from hot pink to a light blue. Let your inner funk shine and spot one of these this summer!

  • Fendi leather wallet on chain

    Looking for the best wallets for women? Give this beauty a shot! This Fendi chain strap wallet bag is all the rage this year! Pair it with your favorite pair of pants and a t-shirt to elevate your day to day style. It easily transitions from a day to nighttime bag.

Pick the style you like and kick your style game a notch higher!

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